How to love your husband when he irritates you

May 12, 2014Allison


So, I say to Derrick last night, “You know you irritate me sometimes. What can I do about that?”

Derrick said, “Get over yourself.”

He is so helpful.

So, I say, “WHusband-irriates-youhat about sex.”

Derrick, “Yes, sex is helpful.”

Me: “How is it helpful?”

Derrick: “Sex solves everything.”

Me: “This conversation is irritating me. I am going to the bedroom to think.”

Derrick: “Woo, Hoo! I win.”

Me: “I am going to the bedroom to think not have sex.”

Derrick: “It might help you think.”


I thought about the topic of irritating husbands over the next few days and I must admit Derrick was right: sex is helpful. I noticed the more disconnected I am from Derrick the more irritating I find him.

Little irritants, such as throw his clothes on the floor, become magnified if we are not spending quality time together. When Derrick takes me out for breakfast, I could care less about the clothes on the floor or the books piled up on the dresser.

Sundays are perhaps the day when I love Derrick the most because we spend the morning in bed drinking coffee, reading, and talking while the kids watch Sunday morning cartoons. It’s not that I don’t love him Monday through Saturday; it is just on Sunday we are able to sit back and enjoy each other. It helps me to remember why I married Derrick…even if he never picked up after himself, I still would have married him because he loves me… irritating habits and all.

The key to a great marriage is taking the time to connect with your partner and of course lots of sex ;)

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  • Jelli

    May 31, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    Great point! I never expected sex to be the answer when I clicked on this article, but it makes total sense, Allison. Thanks for sharing.

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