Have You Met Diana?


I am technically an extrovert, though I have strong introverted tendencies, which finds me most content in the company of two or three; throw in a favorite beverage and put us on a patio (in Minnesota, this also generally requires mosquito repellant) and I’m totally content!

I am absolutely in love with my nieces and nephews who I call my “babies” and who I love to hug and kiss and carry around upside down (why do kids love this so much?!)

I am a business owner and a bible teacher, which is a funny combination (unless your business is bibles, I suppose) but the multiple roles and entrepreneurial stuff suits me as I’m always on to the next project (I hope my future husband is a good finisher ;-)

Di&DawnI am a twin, which is an absolute gift.  You don’t have to feel bad about mixing us up, by age 32 we’ve actually come to expect it (and Dawn‘s just glad after four babies to still be confused for the single one!)

And, I am sometimes too concerned about the reflection in the mirror, I don’t always stick to my budget, and I don’t read my bible everyday (I feel better now, don’t you?)

Lastly, I am absolutely glad to see you here.  I hope you’ll feel encouraged to leave lots of comments, and I hope you stick around, because after all, I think we could be friends ;-)


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