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Meet-JimHi! I’m Jim Otremba, a fun-loving Christian and family-guy. I love to spend time with my family just hanging out. I also love to teach, exercise, write, play games, pray, and go for walks.

I have been married to my best friend and soul-mate, Maureen, since 1995 and we have both been part-time stay at home parents since 1999. We have three children ages 14, 12, and 9. Our nine year old, David, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome shortly after his birth.

Even though Davey has taught me more than all my “official degrees and licensure” combined, I do thank the Lord for my Master of Science in Applied Psychology from St. Cloud State University, and my Master of Divinity from St. John’s University.

I thank God for the gift of knowledge, and more importantly wisdom. I was accepted into a Doctoral degree in Psychology, but have discerned to wait for while on that…I have a few more diapers to change while Davey is potty-training. :-)

I am a weekly guest on the Tuesday morning show at Spirit 92.9 – a Christian radio station in Sauk Rapids, MN where I discuss relationships, parenting, stress management, etc. Listen live at:

I am the earthly owner (and CEO) of the Center for Family Counseling, Inc. – a state licensed clinic – in St. Cloud, MN where I provide Christian counseling as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker along with other Christian therapists:

Since 2003 I have worked as a Christian life-style coach helping people go from “good to great, or great to exceptional” in their professional or personal lives:

I also love leading retreats and giving workshops and have been blessed to do that at the national, state, and local level.

I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about me. It will be fun spending time with you over the months to come. Peace.


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