Homemade Laundry Detergent: Tips

Wow, this is impressive! Excited to try it!

{ To see the stain test and my recipe, click HERE. }

After making my first batch of Homemade Laundry Detergent with these directions and my revised recipe, here are a couple of tips:

1. Microwave AND use Food Processor or blender with Zote soap. The first time I just used the food processor with cut up cubes of soap and some baking powder to keep it from sticking. However, it ended up more course than I would have liked. Next, I microwaved cubes of soap for a couple of minutes, it will fluff up and when it cools break it up and then use the food processor. This gave me a nice, fine powder that will dissolve more easily in the washer.

2. Mix it outside! Enough said, the fumes could knock you out!

3. Use the Sun Oxygen or OxyClean scoop as your measurer, it is exactly 2 TBSP, the recommended amount to use. (The bucket works great to store a portion of the soap in, too!).

4. When in doubt, pre-treat with oxyclean spray, or another spray stain releaser.

5. Throw out the dryer sheets! Since using this I have had no need for dryer sheets and there is less lint in my trap (the fillers in commercial detergents actually break down your clothes, causing lint and wear.

Side tip: If you still have a lot of static try reducing the drying time, over drying causes more static.

Do you have any tips? Please share below or feel free to post questions :)