How we all met

Hi, Dawn here with the story of how we all met…


How-Dawn-met-DianaDiana: The year was 1982 when we bumped into each other in the womb. Diana was likely devising a plan for the most strategic and stately entrance into the world, while I was saying “why don’t we  just go with it?”

Our childhood on our family farm in Southern MN would be full of adventure, life lessons and identity crises (it’s not that hard to tell us apart if you just try!), but most importantly, learning the value of hard work from two of the best, our parents.


How-I-met-AlllisonAfter high school, Diana and I parted ways for college. It was during these years that I met Allison. On my first day at my new job as a personal trainer I was greeted by:

“What are you doing? You think you work here? Who are you anyway???”

She was smiling, but I couldn’t tell if she was kidding or not… It would take me a little while to warm up to Allison, but soon we would be doing crazy things together like running a half marathon and I’ll never forget the day at the leg extension machine when she told me she was pregnant (followed by “no, really, I’m not kidding!”)

Meanwhile, Diana was an hour and a half away starting her own adventure, a job at a Christian radio station in Central MN.  She soon found herself in the position of Program Director and asked me to come up and join her.  After awhile we were doing the morning show together with our regular Tuesday morning guest, a local therapist: Jim.


We enjoyed working with him as he shared practical wisdom and was so down to earth; you never walked away wondering if you’d said too much or were secretly being analyzed!  And, as we got to know each other, we soon found that Jim was just a plain great husband and dad.


And here we are now, quite a few years after we all met, but I wanted to get the gang back together because I’ve learned so much from each of them.  I want to share them with you, and I invite your comments and feedback, because afterall, we can learn alot from you, too, and I think we could be friends ;-)


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