How to be a great neighbor

Summer is here and the neighborhood is prowling with neighbors out and about enjoying the fresh air, which means it is time to brush-up on your “How do you do?” neighbor skills.
Most of the good advice on being a good neighbor is a little too Mr. Rodgers for me.
For example:
–  Say hello
–  Keep your garage door closed
–  Maintain your yard
–  Keep toys in the backyard
–  Reach-out
–  Keep the dog quiet
Man, that just sounds like a whole lot of work to me with little return.If I am going to invest in a relationship with others, I think it is a good idea to insure a profit.
So, here are my helpful hints on how to be an awesome neighbor: (btw I tried all these out on my neighbor!)

1. Steal your neighbor’s garden gnome and hold it for ransom until she brings you a chocolate cake.

2. Put your old grill on her lawn demanding homemade cookies if she wants it removed.

3. Make your neighbor feel appreciated by engaging in deep discussions concerning why she has not invited your over to dinner.

4.  Insist she buy at least $50.00 worth of stuff from your kids for their school fundraisers.

5. Show your love to your neighbor by demanding brownies every time she checks her mailbox.

6. Question why you were not invited to her daughter’s wedding and then mandate she bring you back a piece of wedding cake.

7. Try your best to end every conversation with an ultimatum…that is how she knows you value her friendship.

A little pestering can go a long way in creating a genuine relationship with your neighbor.
So, how can you start pestering, I mean “loving on” your neighbor today?  First, walk across the street, smile, and simply say, “How do you do?!” Simple conversations show you care and your neighborly door is open.  And who knows you may find a delightful friend for years to come.
[box] Romans 12:10 (NLT) Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.[/box] AL-Credits