Are your children normal? (Probably more so than you would think!)

At some point, most parents would like some kind of proof that their child is normal, secure, and emotionally healthy. From my professional experience, you can safely assume they are nomal
if they….
…feel perfectly comfortable misbehaving in public.
It’s those well behaved children you have to worry about.
… want you to kiss every boo-boo
Even the phantom ones you can hardly see.
…ask you to pick out their outfit and then refuse to put it on
Why? Why? Did you even bother asking me?
…explain in detail why you are the worse mom in the world
Funny how this happens after taking away a privilege because of their bad behavior
…tell the doctor their mommy likes boys without their shirts on
Umm, I said I liked daddy without his shirt on…and I have no idea how we even got on the topic of shirtless men at the dinner table.
…when walking by smokers they stop and tell them they are being very bad
Thank you public schools for that one.
…act horribly all day but straighten up the minute daddy walks in the door.
Again, Why? Why?
….beg for snacks 15 minutes after you fed them lunch
What? Really? I just fed you.
… inform you they can hardly wait for your boobs to sparkle
My youngest, and all I can say is she a very interesting child.
…pick their nose and then want to give you hug
Please go wash your hands. Please.
…say in the dressing room loudly, “Oh, mommy your underwear is so pretty and it is missing the back.”
Yep, the youngest again
I am sure I could write many more and I am sure you have a few awesome ones of your own. Please share below, so the mom world can know our children are normal too!
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