Let’s face it, we all just want to be skinny: Where does my self control go?

You’ve probably witnessed this in your own life time and time again. You start out the day doing really well, healthy breakfast, you even make it to lunch and choose the salad over the whopper and silently celebrate the victory in your head. But by the time you pick up the kids, grab a few things at the grocery store and get home you no longer have the energy or will to make a healthy meal for yourself and instead eat far too much of what the rest of the fam is having for dinner. You feel guilty, wonder if things are ever going to change and may or may not vow to start over again tomorrow…or Monday…

HERE’S THE CONTINUAL STRUGGLE WE ALL ARE FACED WITH: We start each day with a measure of self control, and when it runs, it runs out and all bets are off.
So how do we stretch our portion of self control? We use it wisely and realize when we’ll be vulnerable.
But, as you’ve learned, we simply can’t do it all…if work, kids and hubby are already too much right now, trying to pile weight loss on top simply isn’t going to work BUT THAT IS OK!