Loving ME: Communicating & meeting my own needs

I love this gal! SO good!New happening at the Loftus’s house….I started work this week.  Well, I don’t know if you can call it work.  I don’t get paid. In fact I have to pay to work. But, my 700-hour internship is the last step, besides writing my thesis, towards getting my MA in Clinical Counseling. So, the end is in sight and the long awaited pay check ; )

During my school journey, I learned a lot about myself.  But, the most important lesson I learned is I have to take care of myself. Loving myself is the best thing I can do for myself, my family, and all those other super cool people in my life.

I am an important part of our family system. For the system to work, it is good if I am functional. So, in a way my family needs me to take care of my needs so I can take care of their needs. BRILLIANT!

While my brilliance is still rolling, here are a few ways I take care of myself!

How I love myself….

Inspirational starts: I read a quick bible verse right when I get up in a.m.: whatever gives your mind fuel for the day…feed it first thing in the am.

Moving the booty: Before the kiddos wake-up and hit me with all their needs, I take care of my needs first, starting with a brisk walk outside.

Lipstick and Nail polish: A women cannot have too many colors. Apply whenever you need a mood boast. A quick swipe and you’re ready to go.

Dressing-up The clothes you wear on the outside communicate how you feel about yourself on the inside. Show the world how much you love your-self.
p.s. Only wear sweat pants, yoga pants, workout clothes, at the gym or in the privacy of your own home.

Latte’s: Like lipstick and nail polish, Latte’s won’t break the bank, and I love them.

Bring home flowers: Ladies, men sometimes fall short in this department. For example, on our third anniversary I bought one flower for each of my wifely successes. Celebrate your achievements, accomplishments, and victories!

Vocalize my needs: People are not going to know what you need unless you tell them. It was hard for me to ask for help but then I realized that loving me means taking care of me and sometimes loving me requires the help of others.

Treat myself as I would treat others: Why is it so hard to be nice to ourselves? I don’t know about you but mentally I can really beat myself-up and afterwards I feel miserable. This past year I learned if I am kind and gentle to myself, I feel lovable and when I feel lovable it opens the door for other people to love me back.

How are you going to love yourself today?
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