Holiday Mom Care

Christmas-Mom-CareOkay moms, raise of hands who has finished their Christmas shopping? Which one of you overachievers has all the present wrapped?
Any one got the Christmas letter written and mailed? Oh, how about this one….all the cookies baked and in the freezer in preparation for the upcoming cookie exchange party? Matching Christmas outfit for the kids all picked out and ironed? Anyone?
The holidays can get pretty frazzling for a mom. So, I thought I would be good to remind you lovely ladies about the value of self-care. Simply put…you cannot care for others, if you are not caring for yourself.
Ever tried pouring water from an empty cup? Case in point: refresh yourself so you can refresh others.

Top five caring for the mommy bear tips:

1. Eat healthy foods
Relish the holiday bounty. Don’t stress about calories or the size of your thighs. Eating is one of the great pleasures of life. So, enjoy and through a few fruits and vegetables on your plate now and then though out the day.

2. Take a walk
Family got you stressed? Anytime is a great time to take a walk. Even on Christmas. A quick walk around the block will refresh your body and mind.

3. Drink lots of water
Water is your best weapon for combating hangovers, overeating, and fatigue. Drink-up.

4. Thankfulness
Write down one or two things you are thankful for each day.
An attitude of gratitude warms the heart.

5. Breath
Inhale and exhale. Breathing is the number one way to reduce stress. So, inhale and exhale your way through the day.

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