Husband Valentine’s Gift: My Public Declaration of Love to my Husband!

A-thoughtful-and-creative-Valentines-Gift-for-your-HusbandA few Valentine’s days ago my husband and I were in the middle of a spending freeze. We had decided to forgo all unnecessary spending in an effort to attack our debt. It was good (and hard!) but we really made some serious progress that year.
So with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I needed to think of a creative gift for my husband. I also knew that I wanted to honor him and show him that I really respected him…well this should be easy–ha!
Ah-ha! What if I create a special album on Facebook telling all of the reasons why I love him and highlighting all of his MANLY features so that HE was PROUD of it?
Now, before you think: Hmmm…I don’t think my husband would like that, he isn’t into public displays of affection like that, he’d probably just think I am a dork.
I understand.
I wasn’t quite sure my husband would like it either. He is quiet and reserved (until you get to know him :), and doesn’t like attention being drawn to himself. So I knew the key was to really highlight things that he would be proud of like: riding a motorcycle, driving a truck, looking hot :)
If it were all mooshy declarations about my undying love and what a wonderful father he is…well it would still be nice, but I’m not sure it would be quite as honoring to him.

So here are a few of the things that I came up with:



Husband Valentine’s Gift: How to create your own Public Display of Affection for your husband

1) Create a list of the characteristics that you would like to honor in your husband.

2) Select 1-3 photos that illustrate the characteristic. If you don’t have a photo, take a picture on your phone of an object that could represent it or use free clipart from Microsoft Clip Art.

3) Create your slides/images. 600 pixels wide x 500 pixels tall is a good size for each slide. If you have photoshop, great, that is what I used. If you aren’t a savvy photo editor, just use PicMonkey, it is SUPER EASY to use and they have a ton of fun Valentine’s Day embellishments!

4) Wait for Valentine’s Day and upload your slides to an album on Facebook! (Or create it ahead of time and change the settings so he can’t see it :)

And hopefully, once it is posted, others will reiterate your sentiments, comment on what a lucky girl you are, and show him some love, too. And, if you are like me, you might appreciate your husband a little more throughout this process! I know that too often I focus on all of things that are wrong, and not what is right with him :)

And what was my husband’s response?

He loved it! He didn’t mind attention being drawn to himself when it was for the right things :)
In the end, any Valentine’s Day gift that makes your husband (or significant other) feel manly and respected will be a winner!
What gifts have you given your husband that he has loved? Please share below!
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