Lazy Craft Mom

I am a lazy craft mom.
I do not enjoy crafting with the kids. Planning crafts exhausts me. When browsing Pinterst I avoid the cute kid craft sections, partially, because I find popsicle sticks and glitter overwhelming. But the truth is…I know if my kids attempt a “ cute craft” the finished project would likely end up looking like a drunken turkey or Christmas tree.
Some moms love crafts, and for others it just causes STRESS! Fortunately kids don't require crafts to grow up to be successful adults ;)
A trip to the craft store excites some moms. I see aisle after aisle of unfinished projects, more junk to deal with, and something I will have to cleanup later.

Every once and a blue moon, mainly because I feel like a bad mom, I will break out a craft. There was the year we made snow globes. They looked pretty good. Then the glue failed and the snow globe went from a cute little Christmas scene to a drowning mess of elves, Santa, and reindeer. Needless to say the grandparents got gift cards that year which cost less than the supplies for the stinking snow globes.
On a day trip to a small town, my husband and I let the kids paint some pottery. It was okay. However, two years later we have yet to pick up the kid’s work. Perhaps, next Christmas the grandparents will get there…I cannot think back that far. Who knows what the kids made.
I figure if the kids are making crafty things at school that lets me off the hook, right? The school can deal with the mess, the asking for help, and supply gathering. I just get to sit back, relax, and wait for my Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, Christmas and Thanksgiving goodies. I get to enjoy the finished project, which I proudly display in our house without the mess, hassle, and frustration.
The kids are happy.
I am happy.
And is it that what it is about? Happy healthy mom = happy healthy kids.
So, if you are craft inapt like me, give yourself permission to put the scissors down and enjoy being the mom you were created to be!
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