Absolute BEST Children’s Bible: The Jesus Storybook Bible

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Most days I wonder how much I’m actually getting right as a mom. Like most, we have good days and not so good days.
Occasionally people will make the comment “Your kids are so well behaved!” and I think “ok, we got this, we are doing alright…their analysis was based on 30 seconds of observation at a time when they were well rested and abiding for fear of losing their treat when we get back in the van, but hey, I’ll take it.”
A complete account of the bible, EASY to understand and ALL ages enjoy it! Makes a great gift :)At this point, most of our parenting energy seems to be directed at meeting their basic needs and teaching respect and cooperation. But as my oldest turns 5 this fall I have begun to think more about what she is learning about faith from us. We attend a great church with an awesome children’s ministry…which is great…but we obviously don’t expect them to do it all.
And despite where you are at in your own faith, chances are you would still like your children (and grandchildren, and students, and any child you know) to be raised with Christian values and a solid understanding of the faith AND of the Bible.

The Jesus Storybook Bible

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the Jesus Storybook Bible at the recommendation of several moms at our church…and from the first story I fell in love with it. I think I could curl up with a cup of coffee and read it for leisure!
The illustrations are beautiful and the stories are told in today’s language in a way that is easy for our 3 year to understand and our 4 1/2 year old to enjoy.
While we have had several other “Children’s Bibles” or books of bible stories for kids,

here is what I like most about this children’s bible:

1) The stories are told in today’s language: You won’t have to decipher anything for your kids

2) You’ll learn from it, too!: I find myself learning new insight and gaining deeper understanding about each of the bible stories told

3) It is comprehensive: Unlike many children’s bibles that only highlight a few of the main stories, this covers the bulk of the whole bible.

4) It is affordable: Whether you are purchasing it for your own family or as a gift, you can find a hardcover copy on Amazon for around $10 (again, this is not an affiliate link!)

5) Makes a really great gift: Once you read this you will want to give it to every child that you know :)

6) Appropriate for a wide range of ages: while our oldest is only 4 1/2, I imagine kids that are much older will still enjoy the stories and learn from them.

I’m really glad to have found this book and our girls look forward to reading it each night before bed. Have you found a children’s bible that your family loves? Please share below!
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