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A graphic designer by trade, I’ve always had a passion for design. And when we moved into our current home, I was having difficulty finding artwork that fit our style…and budget.
So I began designing art prints for our house…and for friends…and for gifts… and found that when you print and frame them yourself, they are actually pretty affordable. I also opened an Etsy shop and sold some of them, but it ended up being one too many directions to go in…so…I thought:

“Why not give them away for FREE?”

So here you are! I’ll be sharing more in the weeks to come, but I thought I would start with one of the most popular because I think it would make a fun Christmas gift:

So true, LOVE this sisters quote! And SO cool that she gives the artwork away for free! Fun Christmas gift idea!

Whether for your own home, or a gift, they are easy to download, print and frame, just follow these steps:

3 Simple Steps to print this artwork:

1. Select Size & Save to your computer
Simply click on the link below for the size print that you would like, then right click on it and select where to save on your computer:
My Sister Doesn’t Count Art Print 5×7
My Sister Doesn’t Count Art Print 8×10
My Sister Doesn’t Count Art Print 11×14
My Sister Doesn’t Count Art Print 12×16
upload2. Upload it to your favorite printer
Once you have the file saved, simply upload it to your favorite printer (Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Sam’s Club, Snapfish…etc.) just like you would a picture from your digital camera (you could also save it to a jump drive or SD card and bring it into the store to print).
(For my favorite place to print–because it is the cheapest :)– see below!)
 3. Frame it!
Pick up your artwork…put it in a frame…and enjoy! It really is a simple process!
So true, LOVE this sisters quote! And SO cool that she gives the artwork away for free! Fun Christmas gift idea!

Where to Print?

If you have a high quality printer, you could definitely print this yourself.
If not, I’ve had good experiences at Walmart, Sam’s Club and Walgreen’s. I generally use Sam’s Club because they are the least expensive, especially for larger prints, but here are the current prices at each:
>> Sam’s Club (in store pick-up with membership):
5×7  $0.38  |  8×10  $1.46  |  11×14  $2.87  |  12×16  $2.96
>> Walmart (in store pick-up):
5×7  $1.47  |  8×10  $2.84  |  11×14  $5.86
>> Walgreens (in store pick-up):
5×7  $2.49  |  8×10  $3.99  |  11×14  $10.99
…of course there are TONS of other places to print as well, I just wanted to give you an idea of what this artwork will cost to print at some well known places :)
I truly hope you enjoy this art print, and if you have any questions, please post below (chances are someone else has the same question, too ;)!

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