Staging your house: 5 Tips for a quick sale OR a more peaceful place to live

In preparation for putting our house on the market, our realtor had a stager come through the house and give us tips for making it “show ready.” We did a walk through of each room taking notes and making our to-do list.
Some of the suggestions were things I wouldn’t follow unless you actually are moving (like removing all photos of people :( ) but most of the rules were actually quite helpful.
A story of selling our house in 4 days after staging it (and why I wish I would have done this years ago!)--Do this even if you're not moving!

The following are my top five house staging tips (that I wish I had done years ago):

They made my house feel spacious, organized and welcoming versus overflowing, cluttered and chaotic.  

1. Nothing on the kitchen counters

I’ve seen this on Pinterest and various blogs but figured it was impossible for me with a toddler. It took some leg-work, but we went through the kitchen cupboards and made room for the items on the counter. They basically all stayed in their exact same location, just in the cupboard directly above their previous home.
A story of selling our house in 4 days after staging it (and why I wish I would have done this years ago!)--Do this even if you're not moving!
It meant getting rid of a few things to make room, but we didn’t really need 30 coffee mugs anyway. I realized I was keeping many of the items because they were given to me but they had never been used. We fill the space we have, but we don’t have to. By purging kitchen items that hadn’t been used in the last six months we made room for everything on the counters, which makes sense because those are the items we use the most, so they should have a proper home.

2. Put everything in your pantry in bins

I’ll admit, I told my husband I thought this was ridiculous. We spent maybe $20 at Home Depot on the bins for the pantry, and honestly, I would sit and write in my pantry now it is so clean and tidy. Get everything up off of the floor and organize your food groups into bins. It took an hour tops and it is so much easier to find things when you’re cooking.
A story of selling our house in 4 days after staging it (and why I wish I would have done this years ago!)--Do this even if you're not moving!

3. Get rid of extra pieces of furniture

We’ve inherited a lot of furniture over the years. Items from friends and parents that are no longer wanted. I have a hard time turning down a free piece of furniture, but it was amazing to see how much bigger our house felt by eliminating a couple extra coffee tables, nightstands and random chairs. If we didn’t use it at least once a month, it went out the door.
A story of selling our house in 4 days after staging it (and why I wish I would have done this years ago!)--Do this even if you're not moving!

4. Clean out your closets

Here’s the thing: I wear the same 50 clothing items over and over again, but I keep another 200 around “just in case.” That backup stash was causing way more stress than I realized. I would torment myself getting ready for work by shuffling through ALL my backup items just to land on one of my go-to pieces anyway.
So get rid of the backups. I only work in an office two days a week, so I don’t need ¾ of my closet to be filled with formal work clothes. I need maybe ¼. I realigned my clothing selection to match my life: 50% casual wear, 25% work wear and 25% lounge/workout wear.
A story of selling our house in 4 days after staging it (and why I wish I would have done this years ago!)--Do this even if you're not moving!

5. Have empty space

I learned it is ok for not every shelf, wall and closet to be occupied. Throughout the staging process we had to create empty space to hide dirty laundry and other unmentionables in case of a showing. Those empty spaces made it so much easier to find the items I was looking for when needed.
We were told not to have anything on the top shelves of our bookcases; the items should be contained within the shelf. A decorative shelf should only have a dozen or less items on it. It was amazing what a difference it made. This principle was applied to our kitchen as well with the exception of one decorative item.


We had a lot of small to-do items in addition to the tasks already mentioned (rearranging pictures, moving furniture and touching up paint). We worked for a week straight and completed about 80% of what we had been instructed to do. It’s hard to say how much of an impact the staging had on the sale of our house sale, but it definitely didn’t hurt.
The house sold at full asking price after being on the market for four days. The funny part is once we had done all of the work to purge furniture items, organize the pantry, clean out our closets and reorganize our cupboards, I didn’t want to leave the space…which is why I wish I would have done these things sooner.
Do you have suggestions for keeping your home clean and tidy? I would love to hear them!
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