35 New Elf on the Shelf Ideas: #5 We “MUSTACHE” have you been good?

I love EASY Elf on the Shelf ideas! This is another great one to have on hand if time is short. Plus, the kids LOVE playing with the mustaches afterward. Its always an extra bonus when the Elf on the Shelf Ideas provide entertainment for them as well!


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We, of course, found these stick on mustaches at the Dollar Tree. This isn’t sponsored, we just like being able to offer ideas that everyone can do! I’ve seen the mustaches in different places in different stores, but mostly they’ve been in the toy section. You may also see them located in the party supplies or office/school supplies section. Either way, we hope you can track them down because this Elf on the Shelf idea was SO easy (and fun!).

To print, save or download the printable “We MUSTACHE” sign, click here:
35 New Elf on the Shelf Ideas with free printable!

And here is a picture if you want to save this idea:

"We MUSTACHE, have you been good???" 55 (and growing!) BRAND NEW Elf on the Shelf ideas new this year! These fun, creative & EASY ideas all include an item from the Dollar Tree and many have FREE printables!!! #Easy #ElfOnTheShelf #Ideas