The BEST Tips for Organizing Kids’ Toys: These short videos are SO helpful!

When did organizing toys become such an impossible task!?! How did we end up with ALL of these toys and why don’t my kids play with them?

Why do they always whine that they’re bored, when I would have LOVED to have all of these toys growing up?!

And why don’t they want to go outside and play?? I practically lived outside growing up!

Truly. I was getting SO frustrated with my kids!!!

Our kids aren’t the problem, THEIR TOYS ARE!!

Organize Kids’ Toys so they Play LONGER

I made a video series to share some ideas that COMPLETELY CHANGED how I view children’s toys! It’s not just ideas on organizing kids’ toys, it’s also tips to help kids play longer together. And how to get them to play OUTSIDE and how to get your well-meaning friends and family to give FEWER toys! And even what to do if you have a mom who guilts you when you get rid of toys ;)

These videos are fast paced, to the point and worth every minute of watch time!

I hope these tips and tricks help you as much as they help me!!

Video 1: Trick to declutter ALL of your toys in 20 MINUTES!

Organize Kids Toys: Decluttering, simplifying, purging or paring down kids toys–whatever YOU call it– can be TOUGH! Where do you start? What toys do you keep??? I’ll show you the three toys we keep that help our kids play independently for HOURS, plus a trick to quickly organize ALL of your child’s toys in 20 minutes–no joke!! It doesn’t have to take a long time to simplify and organize toys in your house!!

Video 2: Should Kids help Declutter Toys?

Decluttering, purging, organizing or simplifying kids toys can be TOUGH! And the question is always asked: Should I include my kids in the process of decluttering their toys??? Will it help them appreciate all that they have or will it cause a major battle and melt down?

Great question! Here are two ways to know if your kids can handle the process and learn a great lesson or if it would be better to simplify their toys when they aren’t home!

Video 3: Three Ways to get kids EXCITED to GIVE AWAY toys!

See the BEFORE & AFTER of our Toy Room transformation! We found 3 ways to get our kids SUPER excited about decluttering and simplifying their toys and playroom. These tips will help you avoid melt downs and drama with your children when organizing and donating toys they’ve outgrown or just don’t play with anymore.

Video 4:
 How to move past BUYER’S REMORSE Quickly

We’re working our way through simplifying and organizing kids toys, but sometimes regret over toy purchases causes us to hang onto toys our kids no longer play with! Here is a simply way to move past buyer’s remorse over toys so that we can get them organized QUICKLY!

Video 5:
How many Children’s Books?

BUT, how many children’s books should we keep??? Three simple questions to determine the answer for your family! (We keep 56 children’s books or 14 per kid ;) Get books under control and the rest of your toys will be easier to organize!

Video 6: How to get Family to give LESS TOYS!

I KNOW! It can be OVERWHELMING when our kids get TOO MANY toys and gifts from well-meaning friends & family! Here are a few ideas to SAVE your sanity and help direct them in their gift giving to your kids!

Video 6.5: Mom, STOP guilting me about giving away toys!!!

Ultimately, moms need to FEEL NEEDED! :) There has been A LOT of feedback that our moms sometimes have a difficult time when we get rid of toys and give us a hard time about it. So what do we do if we want to keep simplifying our toys while avoiding drama? I have two tips to offer!

Video 7: Why its safe to DITCH the BIG TOYS!

For the longest time I thought I was doing something wrong that my kids NEVER played with big toys like playhouses, doll houses, elaborate car ramps and buildings and so on. Turns out, I’m not alone! Find out what toys other moms regret getting and are now getting rid of!!

Video 8: How to get kids to play outside longer + BEST outdoor toys!

How do I get my kids to play outside longer??? This is a VERY common question these days! Here are 5 toys that keep kids playing outside longer, along with a few surprising benefits of kids playing outside.

I hope you enjoy these videos and best luck organizing your kids’ toys!!

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