Minimalist House Tour: Simple Living as a Family of 6

Minimalist Family Home: Come on in! We’re excited to give you a tour of our home and show you what family minimalism (or really simple living) looks like for us. Minimalism has changed our lives and we can’t wait to share our story with you today!

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When you first come into our house you might notice that it’s tidy and clean, but you might not be able to put your finger on what makes our home different.

But if you open the drawers and cabinets, you will notice that nothing is more than half full. It feels SO good not to have them stuffed full of things we don’t need and aren’t using!

In our minimalist house, most drawers are only half full

Why I Became a Minimalist

In the beginning, it was a house cleaning tactic. I wanted to be able to keep the house clean AND still be able to do work on projects I was excited about.
At first I didn’t even tell my husband what I was doing. Eventually I had to let Tom know what I was up to and he said, “Just don’t make us look weird!”

As we’ve simplified our house, it has also spilled over to improve every area of our life, including:

  • finances
  • eating healthier
  • parenting
  • our relationship
  • more effective employees
  • better ability to prioritize

What started as merely a strategy to keep the house clean has turned into so much more!

Watch this video to learn more about why I became a minimalist!

What Makes Our House Different?

minimalist living room
We’ve gotten rid of a lot of furniture and things that tend to collect clutter. We don’t actually have any bookcases or china cabinets – they were just too much for us to keep clean and free of clutter.
Over the last five years we’ve gotten rid of about 80% of our stuff and we don’t miss ANY of it!

Minimalist Bedrooms

Our bedroom is tiny, but the great thing about that is we don’t keep as much stuff. The more space we have, the more we tend to fill it up with things we don’t even need!!

minimalist bedroom
All four of our kids share a room right now and they actually really enjoy it, but we plan to remodel the upstairs to make it into two bedrooms.

minimalist kids' bedroom
It’s amazing how 1,500 square feet is MORE than enough space for a family of six when our home isn’t cluttered with stuff!

Do I Have to Get Rid of Everything to Be a Minimalist?

You don’t have to sell all your stuff to become a minimalist. Just start with questioning things

  • Do the kids really need this many toys?
  • Do we need this extra furniture in this room?
  • Does our wardrobe need to be this big?

Every item that comes into the house is something that I have to manage. Having fewer things makes it so much EASIER to manage and keep clean, it practically manages itself!!

minimalist family room

Is Minimalism Weird?

Minimalism doesn’t feel weird, it just feels natural and peaceful. This is how we were meant to live!

The way we were living before was weird – being stressed out by all the stuff in our house that we didn’t need or even use!

So what does Tom REALLY think about our minimalist home now?? Watch to the end of the video to find out!

minimalist home, this is my happy place

How Do I Know If Minimalism is for Me?

Can you relate to any of these things?

  • I have too much paper clutter!
  • My closet is overflowing!
  • My kitchen is always a mess!
  • My big house / new vehicle / fancy clothes aren’t making me happy!

If any of that sounds familiar, hang around with us for awhile and find out if minimalism might be the answer!!  We’ve been there too, and we love sharing tips and tricks of how we simplified our house.

minimalist kitchen
It’s SO REWARDING to be content in a simplified house. We have the time to do the things we want to do now like building a garden and spending quality time with our kids. We would love for you to experience the JOY that minimalism has to offer as well!!

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