Camper Makeover Before & After Pictures (and video about why we’re selling it!!)

We had alot of fun making over our 26′ 2006 Jayco Featherlight Hybrid Camper. We didn’t expect to find water damage, we thought we’d just be making cosmetic updates to this camper, but ended up gutting it and doing a complete camper renovation on the front section.

The only good part is that this made it feasible to change the layout and replace the camper dinette with a counter. Adding the counter in place of the dinette made a huge difference and we love how it looks and functions!

Why we’re selling our remodeled camper & what we plan to get instead:

In this video, Tom and I talk about why we’re selling our hybrid camper that we gave the makeover to and what we plan to buy instead:

*Note: if you have an ad blocker installed you may not be able to see the video, it should appear right above here!

Overall, we’re really happy with how our camper makeover turned out, we just would select a different style of camper (not a hybrid camper) moving forward.

(And for the record, yes, many of you said that you don’t prefer hybrid campers and we should have listened and rented one to try out first! But, like we said, that isn’t Tom’s style ;)

Camper Makeover Before & After Pictures:

Here is what our camper look like before we renovated it along with the after pictures:

We didn’t change the exterior of the camper at all, but the makeover on the inside is pretty dramatic!

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