5 Things It’s Important to Declutter BEFORE Christmas (& tips to do it QUICKLY!!)

With the holiday season quickly approaching, I know what you’re thinking – I don’t have any extra time to declutter right now!

You might be thinking, Check back with me in January when I have a little more time, now is not the right time! And normally I would probably agree with you.


There are 5 things that I think are actually really important to declutter now BEFORE the holidays that not only can give you a little peace of mind and free up a little space in your house, but can actually help others in need too.

So that’s why I think it’s important to tackle these 5 things this time of year. I’ll tell you how to do it quickly & easily because I know you don’t have a lot of time or mental energy right now to dedicate to it.

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#1 – Kids’ Toys

Right now our kids are hoping to get more toys for the holidays, right? So this is the absolute best time of year to declutter some toys!!

There are a few fun ways that you can do this with your kids:

Do whatever works best for your kids! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get rid of toys that your kids have not been playing with in the past year.

#2 – Winter Wear

It obviously depends on what kind of climate you live in, but in our area there is often a shortage of winter coats. For these items, just do a quick scan through your closet or storage and quickly grab anything that you’re not using.
I know sometimes we keep extra jackets, scarves or hats on hand because we just don’t know. We might want them for that dressy event or they go with a certain outfit.

But if you have not used these things in the past year or two, wouldn’t it be best to let somebody else use them? They might wear them every single day — and may not have a coat at all. Isn’t that better than keeping it in our closet for someday??

I used to think that I wanted options. I wanted to know that I had a dressy winter coat, a casual winter coat, a vest …. Having all those options meant that I was prepared for any situation that came up.

But what I’ve come to realize is my brain functions much better when I have very few decisions to make on a daily basis and a winter coat can be one of those.

If I have just one, or maybe two coats, when it’s time to go, I reach in the closet and grab it and I’m out the door without anymore thinking or without having to take up extra space in our closet.

So I’d encourage you to do a quick scan through your closet and donate your extra coats, hats, mittens, blankets, boots — any of that cold weather stuff that your family just isn’t using!

#3 – Christmas Decor

Maybe by now you have put up your Christmas decorations and inevitably there is stuff left at the bottom of the bins.

I know how it goes — we’ve simplified our Christmas stuff to one tote, and there are still some things in the bottom that we don’t put up!!

So whatever is left at the bottom of the bin, donate it!! I’ve said this many times before, but if you haven’t used it in the last year, 2 years, 5 years — what’s going to change next year that you’re suddenly going to start using it?
We’re creatures of habit. If we’re not using it this year, it is highly unlikely that we’re going to use it next year.

And the other thing to remember is that a lot of donation centers do not take Christmas items at other times of the year, so you have to donate it now — right before Christmas or during the Christmas season — in order for them to take it. That’s the best place to get rid of it, and for there to be hope that somebody else is going to use it this Christmas season.

So please do not pack that stuff away! Whatever is left at the bottom of your bins, donate it now and stop carrying it over from season to season to season!!

#4 – Unused Electronics & Appliances

This is a great time of year to post your unused electronics and appliances on Facebook Marketplace.

Many people are looking for Christmas gifts right now, and a lot of people don’t mind buying used items to save a bit of money. You’ll be able to help somebody else out this Christmas because they get a deal but you’ll also get some extra money to put towards Christmas presents as well. Win-win!

#5 – New Items for Shelters

In our area, a lot of the shelters are asking for new items. This is the perfect time to take a quick scan through your bathroom cabinets, linen closet and your own closet, and see what new items you might have in there that somebody else could benefit from.

If you have extra hair products, make up bags or trial-sized things that you get with your purchases, this is the perfect time to get rid of those, knowing that they’re going to a really good cause!!

And if you’re not sure where to donate in your area, usually a quick Google search will turn up quite a few results.

So you see? That wasn’t so bad!

Most of this stuff doesn’t take long to declutter, you just need to give yourself permission – If I haven’t used it, probably I’m not going to use it moving forward.

Many of these things I could repurchase for myself if I really needed them, so if I’m not using them I might as well pass them on to somebody who could get a lot of use out of them this time of year.

And the other great thing is that this is going to give you momentum heading into January!

I’d love to hear, are there any other things that you’re thinking of this time of year might be a really great time to part with?

And if you have an Elf on the Shelf and you’re thinking it’s time to do something a little bit different with him, here is a great idea of how he can help you declutter too!

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