Easter Basket Bundt Cake Recipe (Easy Spring Dessert!)

This Easter Basket Bundt Cake is an easy dessert for you next celebration — transform a simple Bundt cake into a stunning Easter Bunny centerpiece that everyone will rave about!

easter basket Bundt Cake with table decor


I ONLY make desserts that are quick and easy (even if it is Easter!) so I used my favorite Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt cake recipe (but of course, any of your favorite Bundt cake recipes would work as well!).

The reason I love this recipe is because it is SO EASY and NEVER FAILS. This recipe starts with a boxed cake mix and then you add a pudding mix, sour cream, Hershey’s syrup, chocolate chips and the rest of the usual cake ingredients.

And if you REALLY want to impress your guests, serve it slightly warm. But no matter what temp you serve this Easter bundt cake, your guests will rave. It always turns out super moist and flavorful.

Get the Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake Recipe here! And here is my trusty bundt cake pan — I’ve made almost 100 cakes in it and it still looks like new. (Note: I don’t put it in the dishwasher, I always hand wash it, so that may help it last longer!)

chocolate Bundt Cake, plain


Now the fun part is making your Bundt cake look like an Easter basket! It looks a lot more complicated than it actually is, so don’t worry, you can’t mess this up! Just have fun decorating this spring cake.

STEP 1: Pipe the first layer of WHITE frosting

easter basket Bundt Cake, starting 1st icing layer
Ideally you would have a piping bag with a large, round metal tip.
However, I did not have one so I used the trusty gallon bag method: I put the remaining frosting into a gallon Ziploc bag. I then cut off the tip of the bag (about 1/2″).

For this, you want to use a high quality plastic zipper bag. I’ve used cheap ones in the past and the sides split open!

Use any white frosting of your choice and zigzag back and forth from the middle to halfway down the outside, forming loops at each end.

easter basket Bundt Cake, first icing layer complete

STEP 2: Pipe the first layer of GREEN frosting

easter basket Bundt Cake, second icing layer
Add some green food coloring to a batch of icing, and use a smaller tip, or cut a smaller hold in another Ziploc bag (about 1/4″).

Zigzag a layer of green icing on the top of the cake.

easter basket Bundt Cake, starting second icing layer

STEP 3: Pipe ANOTHER layer of green icing

easter basket Bundt Cake, icing second layer
Go back over the top of the cake several times and add another layer of green icing, this time making it look a little more wild so it looks like grass :)

easter basket Bundt Cake, icing finished

STEP 4: Make a TINFOIL ball

easter basket Bundt Cake, tinfoil in middle
Unless you want to fill the ENTIRE center with candy, wad up some tinfoil and put it in the hole in the middle before adding the eggs…no one can tell! (And it’s not a big deal when you cut into it!)

STEP 5: Decorate!

easter basket Bundt Cake with bunnies

Add your favorite candy to make an Easter masterpiece — eggs, marshmallow bunnies, chickens… whatever you can find!!

Then to top it off, use a headband for the basket handle and, tada — your cake is done!!

easter basket Bundt Cake, top view

STEP 6: Show off your Easter Basket Bundt Cake!

easter basket Bundt Cake
Seriously, this basket Bundt cake will be the star of the Easter show! It really makes a statement as an Easter table centerpiece (and no one will need to know how EASY it was ;)

Robin’s Nest Spring Bundt Cake

Here is another one we made recently, a Robin’s Nest Bund Cake– equally as easy and super cute:

easter nest bundt cake with candy eggs

You can find the instructions for the Robin’s Nest Bundt Cake HERE!
We hope that you have an awesome Easter and that your Easter Basket Bundt Cake turns out perfectly!

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