Bundt Cakes

Right here you can find everything that you need to know about baking AWESOME bundt cakes (that are also quick & easy!!). You’ll find:

  • Recipes
  • FAQ
  • Frosting Tutorial
  • Recommended Supplies

We hope that you love these Bundt Cakes as much as we do!! And, because your guests will ask, we’ve created free printables of each of the recipes, too. You’ll probably want to bring them with if you bring these Bundt Cakes anywhere! (Seriously, people will always ask for the recipe!! ;)


We’ve perfected these EASY Bundt Cakes in several different flavors. But of course, they still all start with a boxed cake mix and can be dumped into your mixing bowl. So they are all quick and easy to put together!

  • Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake: This was the first copy cat recipe of a Nothing Bundt Cakes cake that I made…and I’ve never looked back! It is so moist and rich…this is still my favorite! Find the recipe HERE
  • Pumpkin Bundt Cake Recipe: Come August I’ll start gathering the ingredients for this fall favorite. It starts with a spice cake mix and you swap the sour cream for canned pumpkin, creating the perfect pumpkin treat. Top with cream cheese frosting & your guests will be lining up for seconds! Find the recipe HERE
  • White Chocolate Vanilla: This is my husband’s favorite (with chocolate frosting)…I don’t understand. It is EXCELLENT, don’t get me wrong. It is as moist and rich as the others, just a little vanilla for my taste ;) but if you want to mix things up, you’ll love this bundt cake, too! Find the recipe HERE


Can you make this Gluten-Free?

YES! While I haven’t tried it myself, many have said that any gluten-free cake mix works just as well. Some have especially enjoyed the Aldi brand of gluten-free cake mixes.

My Bundt Cake is a little dry, am I doing something wrong?

Two things to check: 1) the oven temp should be 325 (not 350 like many cakes) 2) DON’T overbake! If anything, err on the side of under cooked for these beauties! A toothpick inserted should come out with a hint of cake on it, not clean!!

Do I prepare the pudding or just add the dry mix?

All of the bundt cake recipes call for an instant pudding mix. You add in the package of pudding dry.

My cake stuck to the pan, what should I do differently?

Make sure you grease the pan VERY well! I use spray vegtable oil and have heard that butter doesn’t work well. Be genrous with the grease and you can add a light layer of cocoa powder or flower (depending on the flavor), too!


Want to make your own Bundt Cake gift basket with printable recipe cards? Find the instructions and FREE PRINTABLE here!