Welcome to the Minimal Mom Membership Group!

We’re SO glad that you’re here! This community is awesome and truly a privilege to be a part of!

On this page you can find:
– A welcome message with a few instructions about how the group works and where you can find things
– Details about our upcoming book study
– Some common terms you might hear us say!
– A few free printables that we’ve shared in the group for our members

How the group works:

Again, here is what you can expect from us:
– Daily videos with tips, weekly goals & challenges, & life updates
– Support, encouragement & accountability from this incredible group
– Weekly highlight emails so that you always feel in the loop even if you’ve missed a few days
– Two Facebook lives per month

Facebook Lives
We do two Facebook lives each month to visit and answer questions, here are the upcoming dates:
– Saturday October 3, 2020   9:00am CST
– Saturday October 17, 2020   9:00am CST
– Saturday November 7, 2020  9:00am CST
– Saturday November 21, 2020  9:00am CST

Almost everything takes place in the private Facebook group, you can find that here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MinimalMomPrivate/

The Lazy Genius Way Book Study

Beginning on Oct. 5, we’re going to spend 6 weeks going through the book The Lazy Genius Way. Many libraries have it, you may be able to check it out for free, or you can also sign up for a free Audible trial to listen for 30 days.

Here is the book on Amazon, too! (If the book doesn’t fit into your budget right now and you can’t find it to check out, will you PLEASE let me know and we’ll help track down a copy for you!)

You can see what chapters we’ll cover each week & more resources HERE!

The Lingo!

Over the past year we’ve grabbed onto a few favorite terms that you might hear come up in the group:

FROG: Something on our task list that we DON’T want to do!! It may be related to decluttering or not, but each week we call out these items and eat them together!

This video describes it well:

TWO MINUTE TIDY: How do we make it feel like we’re making progress and not taking two steps forward and one step back? With the two minute tidy! By taking a few minutes to tidy up we always feel like we’re making progress!

THE “RAGE PURGE” &  “TIDYING WITH A TRASH BAG” : Sometimes we just need to throw things away…and that is ok! Donation centers are overwhelmed with too much stuff so sometime we need to toss stuff for a quick win.

Day in the Life Video

A little while back members of our group asked if I would make a video about what a “normal” (hahaha) day looks like at our house!

You can find the video by clicking here!

Free Printables

We’ve developed some free printables to go along with our challenges and I want to make sure you get access to them too!

They can also be found in the “files” section of the Facebook group:

  • If you’re on mobile there is a “files” button along the top
  • On desktop it is found in the menu in the upper left

Printables available:

  • 4 Week Cleaning Rotation
  • Meal Planning Sheets
  • Paper Clutter Guides
  • Decluttering guides for each area of your home

Again, look for these in the “files” section in the Facebook group!