Lunchbox Love: Fun surprises for your children’s lunch boxes

Breakfast is my favorite meal of day. I love pancakes, donuts, bacon, eggs, and coffee. My favorite is to make good old blueberry pancakes, sit outside on the patio with the family, and listen to the hilarious musings of my children.
But breakfast wasn’t always my favorite. I remember counting the seconds until the lunch bell rang at school. Did you ever mark the days you wanted hot lunch? I totally did and I put a mental star next to my favorites. I was a sucker for tater-tot hot dish and cheesy mozzarella sticks. Our dinners at home mainly consisted of dried out chicken or spaghetti. To me the lunch menu was like my own little buffet, a respite from the bland dinners at home.
My kids carry on the tradition and mark off those hot lunch days. But for those cold day lunches here are a few of my favorite things to generate a little lunchtime fun:
1.   A note with a clue for tonight’s dinner.
2.   A really good joke they can tell their friends
3.   One of your favorite snack you had as a kid with a picture of you as a kid taped to it
4.   A free pass for some screen time when they get home
5.   A lunch comprised of food in your child’s favorite color.
6.   Googly eyes on their sandwich
7.   Wrap everything in their favorite wrapping paper complete with bows
8.   Bacon makes everything more special. Load it on a sandwich
9.   Brown bag and join your kid for lunch. (Have an awesome joke to share with their friends. Makes you look like a cool parent).
Have a blast loving on your kids this school year and share below how you surprise your kids!
P.S. Have your kids ever said anything inappropriate at the Doctor’s office? Oh, mine are the only ones? If you have another minute this will make you smile!