How to get a toddler out the door in under a minute…


  • Pack the diaper bag the night before
  • Put your kids to bed with their clothes, socks, shoes and appropriate outerwear on.
  • Stock the car seats with snacks and sippy cups
  • Tell them Elmo is in the car waiting for them
  • Leave a trail of fruit snacks behind you as you walk to the car.

Let’s be honest, there is not an easy way to get toddlers in the car. You never know when they are going to fall-apart. Toddlers are tough. When raising my three preschoolers sometimes I felt like I was navigating a minefield. Even if I did everything they wanted, those kids would still end up kicking and screaming on the floor.
As I watched my child completely lose it my mind splits. One part of me wants to throttle my child. The other part wants to comfort her. One piece is franticly thinking about how to properly respond to the situation, while the other piece just wants to curl up in a ball and cry. Part of me is embarrassed, confused, or frustrated. And sprinkled all throughout my thoughts is a good dose of mommy guilt and feelings of insecurity as a mom.
From these “delightful” and oh so “wonderful” toddler experiences, my children taught me the following…

  • My toddler’s behavior is not about me. Her behavior is about her and her needs.
  • Losing it does not mean I am a bad mom. It means I am a normal human being.
  • Unless my child is in danger I do not have to respond right away. I do not have to worry about missing a teachable moment or having the “right” response. My toddler will provide many opportunities for me to practice my super cool parental teaching skills.

Then I take a deep breath…
and repeat to yourself….
“I am a good mom. I am capable. I am a good mom.”
Thanks for being a great mom today!
How do you get your kids out the door on time? Please share your ideas below!
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