If You Do This One Thing You WILL Achieve Your Goals This Year

how-to-acheive-goalsI still remember late New Year’s day, 2010.  Everyone was tucked in bed and I was sitting with my journal as a few goals for the year practically wrote themselves.
They were stirring in me and I knew they were for the year ahead.  Number one: travel to two countries for work or missions.  It ended up that 2010 was filled with life circumstances that were beyond my control and I didn’t leave the country once.  But in 2012 I did for the first time, and this year, 2013, I traveled to two countries.
I don’t know why it works, but it does.  The absolute number one way I’ve found to actually achieve your goals: write it down.
I believe there’s power in our words, there’s probably a sub-conscious element at play, and ultimately, written plans create vision.  This one tactic has worked over and over in my life.  For long-term life dreams over a period years, for short term professional goals just this past fall, for my personal plan to slow down and relax over Christmas break this year.
And a recent study showed that of a group of people who simply wrote down their goals, 43% of them were achieved.  Just with that simple step.
So, the absolute number one secret to achieving your goals this year? Write it down. That’s it. Grab a piece of paper. Dream a little. Get excited about the possibilities. Then write down one or two – or five – goals. Put it in your desk drawer. Forget about it. And, when you’re rummaging through that desk drawer in a few months, or this time next year, e-mail us and let us know what happened. I have a feeling our inbox is going to be full.
I don’t know why it works. But it does! I’m excited for you. Dream big. Get excited. And write it down.
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