The Top 10 Clutter-Busting Routines for the Whole Family

Almost every family struggles against clutter on daily basis. It’s hard to keep it at bay. In most cases when we expect guests or our relatives are visiting, we try to rid ourselves of the clutter in the very last moment and simply hide it under the bed or in other less conspicuous places. It’s still there though… and we know it. The thought festers us all the time. There’s a way to clear your conscience and here’s how:
Almost every family struggles against clutter on daily basis, but here is a SIMPLE PLAN to keep clutter at bay in your home!

10. Where do I start?

You’re probably wondering where to start? Well, stop wondering and simply start from somewhere. The less time you waste on planning, the quicker you will finish cleaning up are saying from StartCleaning Services N10. Just pick a room at random and begin expanding from there. Take it easy, don’t try to cover the entire house in one day – take one small step at a time. Let other family members join you.

9. Keep all surfaces clean

It would be much easier for you if you mop and polish all wooden furniture, bathroom counters, tabletops and other surfaces on daily basis. Once you clean them thoroughly, do your best to keep them clean. Make sure you throw away all receipts, tickets, notes  etc. into the bin where they belong – their place is not on your kitchen counter.

8. Process or recycle

Ask your husband and your teenage children to throw away or recycle newspapers or magazines once they have finished reading them. In case there is an article they want to keep, they can cut it out and keep it a special box – cut-outs take much less space than an entire magazine. Same goes for coupons – cut it, preserve it and throw away the rest.

7. Do the dishes immediately

Washing the dishes is tedious and no one likes to do it right after dinner. But that would be the best option. You can hand-wash the dishes – it takes less time if you do it right away. Take turns. If hand-washing is simply not your thing – load them into the dishwasher and wash them even if the machine is not full. That will prevent them from piling up.

6. Teach kids to pick up their toys

Teach your kids it’s their responsibility to collect their toys and other personal belongings and put them in the right places. They should also fold their clean clothes and throw the dirty ones in the laundry basket.

5. Dirty clothes belong in the washing machine

This is a major step against clutter piling up. Dirty clothes don’t belong on the floor, their place is in the laundry basket or better yet, in the washing machine. It’s really that easy.

4. Get rid of junk mail immediately

Advertisements and promotional materials don’t belong on your counter. Since you and the rest of your family most likely don’t even read them, it would be best to dispose of them right away. A good idea would be to get a small bin next to the table where you usually place your new mail – this way you can get rid of junk mail immediately.

3. Make a to-do list

Create a table of the things to be done throughout the week. Make a column for each family member, including kids. Stick the table on the fridge where everyone can see it. This way they will know what to do and the responsibilities will be divided equally.

2. Control your buying habits

Don’t buy a new pair of shoes or books unless you need them. Each time your kid passes in front of a toy store he or she wants something new – explain to them they cannot always get things simply because they want them. If your family’s desires are reduced you won’t have to fight so much clutter in your house.

1. Learn to throw away things

Whenever something gets broken or dysfunctional you have to throw it away… or repair it. If repair is impossible and it no longer serves its proper function, it belongs in the garbage bin. We understand it might be of great emotional value to you but storing all kinds of useless paraphernalia in your home is called hoarding and some psychologists consider it a real problem.
It takes time to establish new habits but it’s far from impossible. Once you and your family start following those rules, you will say goodbye to clutter for good.

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