No pain, no gain: Declutter and organize your home

Keeping your home tidy and clean can be achieved after you declutter and organize it properly. Here you will learn some smart ways to get rid of the clutter piling in your rooms. They will save you space, make sure you use it wisely and help you reduce the time you spend cleaning it. Check the ideas and apply the ones that are most applicable for your home.

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Before organizing your rooms make sure you remove all items which don’t serve you. Free more space by piling unnecessary items in baskets or bins. After you gather the items you don’t need in one place sort them out in 4 piles. These should be for donating, giving away, sale and throwing away. Once you designate where each item will go, be brave and go ahead to get rid of the items you don’t need.
Organize a garage or an online sale, recycle items that are broken and non-functioning by putting them into the designated bins. You can give away some of your possessions which function and can be used to any of your friends. Multiple items of the same type only take space  in your cabinets and shelves and should be removed.
Prompt Cleaners in Clapham are advising you to use tall shelves to maximize the space you have and take advantage of it. Shelves that are high enough gather a lot of book, photos and decorative items. You can put tall shelves in your home office, living rooms and bedrooms.
Be creative when organizing your home and make the necessary changes to transform rooms that don’t serve you into such which you actually need. If you can’t do the work alone hire an interior designer to make the innovations and changes.
Use decorative storage items which can serve for multiple purposes. Antique pieces of furniture not only add spirit to the room but can be used to store your glassware, sets of porcelain and items you want out of sight.
Instead of hiding your kitchen sets of glasses and stylish porcelain pieces you can show them off in your living room or kitchen in cabinets or shelves with glass fronts.
You can use baskets in your kitchen to store different types of food products. Each basket can contain similar or products of the same type. Position them one over the other (if there aren’t eggs or other breakables) under your kitchen island.
To maximize your space without putting too many cabinets in the room, mount shelves on its walls. Paint the shelves the same colour as the walls and they will look stylish and like built-in. You can place two symmetrical shelves on both sides of the focal point in your room which may be the fireplace or anything else. Feel free to add more shelves up and down the walls depending on the space you have and the size of the room. This is very appropriate for living rooms.
Use multi-purpose pieces of furniture to save space and have more functional home. A stool which can be opened and provides storage space can be used to keep various items. Sofas which can be pulled out and used as beds are perfect for guests.
You can keep your bathroom towels under the sink in baskets or other mesh containers. Store the towels in dry and airy containers to protect them from molds and germs.
Keeping your home properly organized and tidy will help you with the cleaning work. Overcrowded and cluttered rooms get filled with dust, look unattractive and look smaller than they actually are. Save you free time for better things than cleaning by setting a system for organizing and decluttering your home and make sure everybody sticks to it.
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