Teaching our kids to find truth despite hype, bias & marketing (with the help of a really funny YouTube video!)

Our new favorite family TV show has been the “Carbonaro Effect.”  Michael Carbonaro is an actor, comedian and world class illusionist. The Carbonaro Effect is a hidden camera magic TV show. Michael may pose as a store clerk, warehouse manager, museum curator or the like and uses his illusionary skills to confound an unsuspecting victim… all caught on a hidden camera! The comedy, of course, is found in the incredible illusions and the peoples reaction to what they are supposedly seeing, but further enjoyment is found in Michael’s attempt to convince his victims that what they are seeing is explainable and normal.
This is SUCH a great way to teach our kids about hype & illusions, the YouTube video is hilarious and perfect example!
For example, in one episode Michael is behind the counter at a snack bar in a bowling alley (you can see the video below). An unsuspecting customer approaches and orders a soda.  Michael then begins to fill his soda cup using a “cordless soda gun.”  The soda is being shot out of the hand held soda dispenser but it isn’t attached to anything! (I certainly don’t know how he does it- probably something up his sleeve.)
The customer can’t believe his eyes, and of course wants to know how that could be happening. Michael calmly explains that the root beer is obtained remotely thru a satellite connection and is dispensed by catching a signal from the local root beer factory. The root beer is sent via satellite. He is simply “downloading” the signal and “wha-la.”  He will often use (completely made up) scientific words and explanations to sound more convincing. Because of the scientific explanations given, people are invariably convinced.
It is hard not to laugh at or even judge these unsuspecting folks, but it is also easy to understand why they are being deceived. In the same circumstance, I feel I might have even been persuaded.
I often leave watching this show feeling like it is such a profound reflection of our society today.
We as a society are inundated with significant “truth” that effects our every day outlook on life and our world view.  These “truths” are then backed up as “scientific” and we are all expected to believe them because science never lies.
The most obvious example is the theory of evolution. Evolution is not provable, verifiable and (unfortunately for the evolutionists) not reproducible. Yet, it is considered as absolute fact in our schools, museums, textbooks and scientific literature. This is despite the fact that it does not meet any of the scientific threshold for fact. Evolution is at the very best a theory, should be considered a philosophy, and at the worst an outright lie.
Any self respecting scientist should agree with this, but often they don’t. They have ulterior motives- they have to believe that nature created itself- magically- on its own. The problem is that science doesn’t work that way! Their only way do get over that hurdle is thru illusion.  They repeatedly wave their wand and report things like “all scientists agree,” or “scientists discover new evidence of evolution,” or to not believe in evolution is “anti-science.”  If we are honest, the vast majority of “non-scientific” people just believe it, because science never lies.
The new “scientific” charade has been that of global warming. All of the evidence that led to the initial theory of global warming has now been found to be lacking and in most cases false. Because of this, you may have noticed, the movement is no longer called global warming, but rather “climate change,” and so the magic trick continues… if they overwhelm us with supposedly scientific data and shame anyone who would actually call for verifiable facts, then maybe their agenda could continue unfettered. Michael Carbonaro would be proud!
We as a people are not stupid, but often we are uninformed. Take the time to examine and critically review the facts. Expose any bias, prejudice or conflict of interest by the author or the sponsor. We can’t allow ourselves to be caught unaware.  Perhaps what we are told is indeed verifiable, reproducible scientific fact, but quite possibly what we are seeing is actually just an illusion.

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Dr. Jonathan ClaussenDr. Jonathan Claussen is a Family Practitioner from Staples, Minnesota. He is married to his beloved wife Amy and is raising eight wonderful children. He is also the founder and president of the “Family Restoration Project.” It was created to bring restoration first of all, to our identity in the Father as sons and daughters, which then creates strong marriages, empowered parents and healthy families. Dynamic Christian families in turn, display the power and influence needed to bring restoration to the entire world!

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