50 NEW Elf on the Shelf Ideas: #43 Where does Santa Live?

New Elf on the Shelf idea: So where exactly is the North Pole compared to where you and your family live? Elf wants to show the kids!!! Use the free printable arrow to show where you live. And then use the other arrow and decorations to show where the North Pole is.

We set the globe ball (from the Dollar Tree) on a candle stick as a stand. Be sure to cut out the flaps on the bottom of the penguin and North Pole sign so that you can make them stand up straight. You can use tape, glue, or like I did, a thumb tack, to hold the sign and penguin in place.

Don’t let it seem intimidating, it is super easy! Just print out the free printable using the link below. Cut out each piece. Tape the arrows on and then put the sign and penguin in place, and voila! You’re done in five minutes or less!!
But, regardless, this has been one of their favorite quick and easy Elf on the Shelf ideas yet, so I’m happy! I love when the easy ideas win!!

Click here to print, download or save the free printable that goes with the North Pole Globe Ball idea:
New (quick & easy!) Elf on the Shelf ideas!

NEW Elf on the Shelf Idea! Use a Globe Ball from the Dollar Tree and our Free printable to show the kids where Santa lives in relation to your family! The kids loved this new Elf on the Shelf Idea!!! #elfontheshelf #ideas #quick #easy