55+ NEW Elf on the Shelf: #43 Where Santa Lives on Globe Printable

New Elf on the Shelf idea: SO where exactly does Santa live? Where is the North Pole in relation to our house?? Well, your Elf on the Shelf wants to let you know!! Just use the free printable and a globe, and you’re all set!!

We used this globe ball from the Dollar Tree (the kids had fun playing with it afterward!) and set it on a candle stick as a “stand.” Once I printed the arrows, North Pole sign and penguin, I used tape to attach the arrow and thumb tacks to attach the sign and penguin. Just be sure to cut out the tabs for the sign and penguin so that you can bend them back and make them “stand up.”

We have a COMPLETE INDEX of Elf on the Shelf ideas??

EVERY Elf on the Shelf Idea ALL in ONE place!!! It has:
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Find the complete Elf on the Shelf Ideas List HERE!!!

But, regardless, this has been one of their favorite quick and easy Elf on the Shelf ideas yet, so I’m happy! I love when the easy ideas win and we hope you like it, too!

Click here to print, download or save the free printable that goes with the Reindeer poo that was left behind:

Where does Santa live??? Show your kids where your Elf on the Shelf is flying to each night in comparison to your house with this fun printable! Find this and 55 (and growing!) more NEW Elf on the Shelf ideas! Each with a Dollar Tree prop and many with FREE printables!! #elfontheshelf #ideas #easy #quick #funny #toddler #free #printable

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