The Trees We Purchased for Our Farm

Oh goodness, Tom bought 215 trees…we love trees and I’m looking forward to having more, it is just a lot to WATER! Hopefully we’ll have we summer so that these won’t require too much maintenance!

80 Hybrid Shade Poplars

We hope to use these to restore our privacy from the road. They’re supposed to be very easy to grow. It has a spread of 30-35′ and in just a few years, at maturity, it reaches 50-60′. They normally live 30-50 years. They are wind, disease, and insect-resistant.

We purchased these from here:

Cost: 2′-3′ in size, 2 for $4.99 or 40 for $84.99

100 Sugar Maples

The sap of the sugar maple is used for maple syrup, they have colorful red and yellow leaves in autumn and grow to be 75-100′ tall.

We purchased these from here:

Cost: 1-2′, qty 100 are $1.24 each (many more sizes and quantities available)

Black Hills Spruce

Black Hills Spruce is a strain of white spruce originally found in the black hills of South Dakota.  Needle color runs darker than standard white spruce.  Excellent dense growth for windbreak or Christmas trees.

We purchased these from here:

Cost: 1′-2′ are $2-$3 per tree depending on size and quantity

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