What’s in a Minimalist Living Room?

Welcome to our Minimalist Living Room! For me the term “minimalist” isn’t about a certain number of items or a certain style. For me its become synonymous with peaceful and easy to maintain.

minimalist living room, blue, brown and yellow

The Minimalist Living Room

I want every room of our home to feel cozy and welcoming. I never want it to feel cold or uninviting. And I fully believe its possible to have a minimalist living room that is cozy AND simple.

I also NEED it to be easy to maintain. Like you, we’re busy and I want to spend my time on more important things than cleaning and organizing!

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FREE Printable Living Room Declutter Guide

We also created a free printable list of questions to ask yourself when simplifying your living room. Questions like:

  • What Furniture is ESSENTIAL? Which isn’t?
  • Would the room feel bigger with less furniture?
  • Would it feel more peaceful with fewer decorations?
  • Am I keeping any items out of guilt?
  • Would I choose the items in this room again?
  • How much stuff do I want to maintain in this room?
  • Is this room easy to tidy & keep clean?
  • Does this room feel peaceful? Cozy? How could I make it feel more peaceful?

Click here for the FREE Living Room Declutter Check List!!

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What FURNITURE should I have in my Minimalist Living Room?

Of course, the biggest element of our living room is the furniture in it. When was the last time to evaluated these pieces?

Do they add to the function and make the room more enjoyable? Or are there pieces that make it feel crowded or cluttered or serve no purpose? Are there pieces the collect clutter?

We’ve intentionally removed the book cases, sofa tables and hutches from our home because they were so much work to maintain!

minimalist living room, coffee table and couch
Similarly, its important to consider the items we store in our living room. Do we still watch the DVD’s? Read the books? Look at the magazines?

Or have they all become background clutter?

We store very few things in our living room now. Just a few games that we are currently playing. The rest are stored in a closet upstairs.

We also don’t store toys here anymore. If the kids want to bring a bin of toys in here to play with they can, but then they go back to our family room when they’re done.

minimalist living room, brown couch, blue chair

Minimalist Living Room Decor

And I’m guessing you also have some decorations in your living room. Things hanging on the walls, items set out on tables.

Do you still enjoy these items? Have you added and added without taking anything back out? Would the room feel more peaceful with a few less decorative things in it?

minimalist living room, wall hanging
It’s ok if there are items that you no longer enjoy!

Maybe it was an heirloom that doesn’t have much meaning to you. Or a picture frame that was once special, but now you have different memories you’d like to commemorate.

By removing the extra, you can really spotlight what is most important, and then remove anything that detracts from it.

minimalist living room, brown couch, blue and yellow throw pillows
And of course, this is just what works well for us! The journey of simplifying our homes is personal and should be led by what feels best for you and your family.

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Best wishes with your living room!

Sincerely Dawn, The Minimal Mom
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Things we LOVE in our Living Room:

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