Diana’s Home to Hospital Birth Story (Bonus Video)

Today we’re sharing Diana’s home to hospital birth story. After her first baby delivery ended in a c-section, she was hopeful that she could have a successful VBAC at home.

She found a great team of midwives and a doula who were comfortable with attempting a VBAC at home and began preparation!

The Spiritual Side of Diana’s Birth Story

Diana was SO confident that she would be able to have a natural home birth. She prayed and had declarations, but why didn’t things go as planned? We talk about that in this video, as well as trauma that can follow:

Diana was grateful that after this delivery, she had no regrets and was completely at peace with the outcome. However, we know from experience, that that isn’t always the case!

Diana’s Childbirth Story with Declan:

In this video, Diana shares her birth story with Declan. Things started out as planned…

And while it didn’t go quite as planned, Diana and Princeton were THRILLED to welcome Declan Prem into the world. “Declan” means man of prayer and “Prem” means love in Hindi and is Princeton’s middle name as well.

We hope that if you have trauma, guilt or regret surrounding the birth of your baby, that you would seek out a friend to talk to and possibly professional help as well. We all do the best we can and only want the absolute best for our babies!

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