How to be a Tidy Person (Bonus Video!)

Tidy house tips: For the last 37 years, I have seen myself as a messy person.

I’ve felt fortunate that I found minimalism along the way. By reducing the inventory in our house, it has made it much more manageable and easier to keep clean.

But it has still felt like A LOT of work to keep our house tidy and clean. Until recently, it was still never second nature and certainly not enjoyable to tidy up.

And then I had a light bulb moment while listening to a podcast by James Clear, author of Atomic Habits. He talked about how our actions and habits flow from HOW WE SEE OURSELVES.

So, if I see myself as a messy person, I will continue to act like a messy person. If I see myself as a TIDY person, I will act like a tidy person. Mind blown.

A few more thoughts on small changes that lead to big results:

This video is a follow-up to the YouTube video I created about becoming a tidy person (that video is further down!). Now that I’ve experienced success with seeing myself as a tidy person, I wanted to try it out on being a healthier person!

In this video:
  • Applying the principles I learned in Atomic Habits to intermittent fasting, and why I wasn’t succeeding
  • The mental shift I needed to make to succeed
  • How I’m still really enjoying Blinkist and the ability to hear the highlights of books that have been impactful to me (you can use the link for a free 7 day trial and 25% off your membership!)
(*Note: if you’re unable to see the video above, it may be because you have an ad-blocker installed! :)

How to Become a Tidy Person

This video talks about my mental breakthrough to becoming a tidy person, the tools that helped and how I think completely differently now!

In this video (also posted to YouTube) I talk about:
  • The mental shift from being a messy person to a clean person and what finally clicked!
  • How seeing myself as a messy person made it very difficult to keep our house clean (even after I had significantly simplified it!)
  • How this has been MUCH easier than I would have ever imagined :)

You can find Atomic Habits by James Clear on Amazon or you can try out the 7 day free trial of Blinkist HERE and also receive 25% off of membership.

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