Simple Homes & Homeschools

Please Note: This group served its purpose for a season and is no longer active. However, if you’re looking for support on the decluttering, simplifying & minimizing journey, the Minimal Mom Members Group might be for you!! Get all the details here!

Looking for support as a new or newer homeschooling parent? Would you like help keeping it simple and enjoyable? Would it be nice to simplify other areas of your home and life, too?

We’re honored that you’re here! It would be OUR PRIVILEGE to help & support you. None of this is easy, but if we surround ourselves with the right people, we can do ANYTHING!

Below, I’ll share more details about what you can expect from our Simple Homes & Homeschools group. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below (often others have the same question)!

All my love,

Membership for the Simple Homes & Homeschools Group: 

WHAT: This is a private Facebook group that can be joined by paying a monthly membership fee

LEADERS: The group is led by myself (Dawn from The Minimal Mom), Angela Braniff from This Gathered Nest and Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone.

COST: $13/month (cancel anytime!)

– Support for new and newer homeschooling parents
– Help with choosing curriculum, creating schedules, routines & homeschooling spaces
– A printable homeschooling planner & supply list (see details below!)
– Ideas for simplifying your home & meal planning
– Daily video posts by the leaders with helpful information, encouragement, tips & support
– Monthly group focuses with printables
– The ability to share your progress, questions & wins- we CAN’T WAIT to celebrate with you!
– The opportunity to ask questions specific to your process & family
– Twice monthly Facebook Live Q&A sessions with the leaders & other guests (Replays available for those unable to view live). Questions may be submitted prior to the session or during it.
Content organized into “units” so that it’s easy to find and re-visit
– Weekly Highlight emails so you know that you didn’t miss anything important :)
– Text reminders for important events* (US residents)

*By completing the registration, US residents will be enrolled in occasional text messages – opt out at any time!

While this isn’t a faith-based group, we want to be upfront that we may discuss Christian curriculum and programs. We want this to be a safe place for friends of all faith walks to discuss how their beliefs impact the decisions they’re making and motivation for homeschooling. If this would turn you off, it may not be the right fit!

What you can expect after you join:
1) You’ll receive a link where you can request access to the private Facebook and enter a pass phrase that you’re given after successful registration.

2) Once you enter your pass phrase, you’ll be admitted into the group within 24 hours.

3) Once inside, you’ll see a welcome video that will tell you how to navigate the group and find important information. We’ll also make sure you get your printable homeschool planner that we’ll use throughout the year!

Not sure if it’s for you? You’re free to cancel anytime! Join, take a look around. If you like it, keep it. If not, cancel anytime, no hard feelings ;)

Meet the Leaders:

Angela Braniff: “We are a family of 10 just trying to love each other well and live out our faith everyday. We are high school sweethearts, blessed with 8 children! Four grew in my belly and four grew in our hearts. We homeschool and love to go on adventures, believing that how we spend our days is how we spend our lives.”
You may know Angela from her family YouTube channel This Gathered Nest or her personal channel Angela Braniff. She is a mama to 8 kiddos and currently homeschools 5 of them.

Lisa: “My husband, Luke and I, just moved to our dream farmhouse on seven acres with our six kids, two girls and four boys. For the first 11 years of our marriage we lived in a little craftsmen bungalow in town on Boone Street. We always craved that homestead life, and spent those years learning gardening, preserving, handicrafts and how to take care of our backyard chickens. In January of 2019, we sold our old home and purchased a 2400 square foot Victorian farmhouse on seven acres.”

Lisa and Luke have homeschooled for many years and Lisa looks forward to sharing what she’s learned, as well as simple recipes and other tips for living more simply. You can find Lisa’s YouTube channel here and her blog,

Dawn, The Minimal Mom: First things first, I’ve never homeschooled before! Tom and I were planning on transitioning to homeschooling this fall, and the current circumstances just confirmed that decision. So, I’m excited to learn with WITH you! We have four kids ages 5, 7, 9 &10 and my goal is to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

One thing I do know, is that simplifying our home is one of the BEST decisions we’ve ever made and I’m excited to share my best tips to help you declutter your house, too! You can find my YouTube channel, The Minimal Mom, here!



Beginning in September 2020, we’ll spend 5 weeks focusing on the routines and systems in our homes. From laundry and morning routines to paper clutter and meal planning, we’ll employ simple tactics that make you feel like a HUGE success when it comes to running your home!!

It’s hard to enjoy schooling our kids when our home isn’t in order, but together, we’ll make changes that stick and that our kids can help with, too!!


When you sign up, you’ll also be able to download a free printable homeschooling planner with everything that you need to get started!

The Printable Planner Includes:
– Supply list
– Tips for setting up your homeschooling space
– Sample letter of Intent for your school district
– Attendance log
– School hours tracker
– Daily block schedule planner
– Weekly prep sheet
– Weekly lesson plan (4 and 5 day layouts)
– Various reading logs & read aloud log
– Password & expense trackers
…and more!

We want to make sure you get started on the right foot and this planner will help!


Why Facebook?

We put A LOT of thought into the best place to host this group. Fortunately and unfortunately, Facebook offers the most robust platform for this type of group, with Facebook Lives, the ability to create announcements, units, share videos and more!

What if I’m not on Facebook?

You’ll have to create an account to join, unfortunately, there is no way around that, but you don’t have to use the account for anything else!

How do I access the Facebook community?

Once you sign up you’ll receive instructions on how to request access to the private Facebook group. If you don’t currently use Facebook, you can create an account without any details or friends and access the group that way.

Do you offer refunds?

We don’t at this time, but you may cancel at anytime and your access will end at the end of the month.

When will my membership renew?

Membership will renew each month on the same date that you joined. So if you join on August 2, it will renew on the 2nd of each month. Cancel anytime!

How is Payment Processed?

Currently payments are processed through a PayPal subscription or a monthly credit card transaction.

Thank you and we can’t wait to get to know you better in the group!

Dawn (and Lisa & Angela, too!)