Monday, Oct 4: Basement Declutter Part 2

Today we’re working in our basement again! Last Friday I began by “zoning” the space– I put up signs around the space with different categories of stuff. They included:

  • Seasonal Decor
  • Seasonal Clothing (snowpants & winter coats)
  • Home Decor
  • Camping Stuff

And then I worked to move stuff into the correct category.

Today, I’m selecting one category to work on: Camping Stuff

You can leave a comment below!
– What do you think about zoning your storage space?
– Do you think this would be helpful?
– What zones would you have?


You can also find the printable for the October Bag a Day Challenge HERE!

Posting Photos: Save the photos of your bag a day and once FB is up again you’ll have the chance to post them!

Looking forward to hearing how your zoning is going!

– Dawn

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