Minimal Mom Home Visits!

Wouldn’t it be SO fun if we could come to YOUR house and help you declutter? We think so, too! Thank you for your interest in being featured on one of our YouTube videos. You can find all of the details below!

A few things that I want to mention first:

  1. I would love to come to YOUR house and the house of every. single. person. who signs up…I would love to help you declutter and encourage you and tell you that you are worth it and that I FULLY believe that you can do it no matter what has held you back in the past. Which leads us to #2…

  2. I WILL NOT be selecting the homes…it would be too hard for me to choose because of #1 and wanting to go to every home! Therefore we’re leaving it in the hands of a third party and will go where we’re sent.

  3. Logistically, we’re going to stick to the Twin Cities metro for now and plan to film during August and September.

What can you expect if you sign up?

ONE HOUR BETTER: We’re going to call the videos “One Hour Better.” This was inspired by Dana from A Slob Comes Clean where we work in an area for one hour and show the progress.

Our hope is to do 1-3 areas (one hour each in 1-3 areas of your home) while we’re there.

WHO WILL COME? Tom and I will definitely be there and Diana will join in whenever possible.

WHAT WILL I NEED? We’ll ask that you recruit one other person to help (spouse, friend, relative) but beyond that, we’ll bring boxes, black trash bags and totes. We’ll also help arrange for disposal of the trash and delivery of the donations… We want to be as helpful as possible!

WHEN WILL I BE NOTIFIED IF I’M SELECTED? We’ll contact candidates during the first two weeks of August.

CAN I PAY YOU TO COME TO OUR HOUSE!?!? We get asked this a lot!! Not at this time :)

Where will you travel to?

You can take a look at this map to see if you fall in the area…if you’re on the edge, feel free to still apply!!

To register to be considered, please complete this form!

…and again, we wish we could make it to EVERY home, but if not, we love you and will be here cheering you on!!!

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