All of our Beauty Secrets!

We know that everyone has a different “line” for what they think are acceptable beauty practices and what is just “too far.” So we’ll share what we do, what we’ve invested in and where we spend much less and hope that we can just have a little fun with it!


What it is: Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that fills in thin eyebrow areas to make them look fuller. Unlike a traditional tattoo, which is permanent, the coloring from microblading may last for up to 3 years. This is because microblading uses different tools and a smaller amount of pigment.

Cost: Between $300 and $500 for the first two appointments

What we like: For those of us who were born with very light or thin eyebrows, we no longer have to fill them in each day. We especially like that they still look natural, yet the shape is there and we can make them a little darker if we prefer.

We both had this done about 9 months ago and are happy with how the pigmentation is lasting but will plan to get them touched up again this spring (for Dawn) and after baby comes for Diana.



Dawn: I use all-over color from Madison Reed. I color to our natural color and like that this subscription comes in the mail and is free from harsh chemicals. However, the color doesn’t last quite as long as I would prefer but I haven’t taken the time to find a better solution!

Diana: Heads to the salon every 8 weeks!


In between coloring we both really like this root touch up spray by L’Oréal. I find it to be least expensive at Walmart and use the “light brown” color. It also works well to fill in sections of thinner hair and lasts multiple days.

I worry a little that it might dry out my hair so I only use it when I’m going out or videoing :)


While we have naturally thin-ish hair, we’ve both been too cheap to try “real” hair extensions, however have really loved the halo extensions from Amazon.

Again, this might be where you’re like, “Too far!!” But if you have thinner hair, the way that it adds fullness and volume feels somewhat magical, like “Wow, this is what it would be like to have thick hair!” Not for everyone, but a fun change of pace.


There aren’t many hair products that I’m sold out on, but I do like this thickening spray and this hairspray. Overall, I no longer believe in “miracle” hair products (and this definitely keeps me from overspending in this area!). There are definitely some things that work better with my hair than others, but at the end of the day my hair is my hair!


I’ve also been testing out a hair drying brush and really like it. My hair tends to be on the dry side anyway (even with only washing every 5-7 days) so I feel like this still adds volume but keeps it feeling much healthier!


Diana: is currently trying out lash extensions. There are definitely pros (always waking up beautiful ;) and cons (costly and time consuming to maintain), so we’ll see if she keeps them up or not!

Dawn: I use glue on strip lashes, mostly just when I’m going to record videos. I frequently get these ones from Amazon but still trim them down so that they’re easier to put on. And if you want them to last 3-7 days, this glue works well!


Similar to hair products, there aren’t many makeup products that I’m sold out on, but have have been using the Maybelline mineral makeup (shade “creamy natural” for about a decade (and have tried others at times) and still keep going back to it! (Also note that it’s cheaper at Walmart!)

I also really like this eyeshadow palette by Too Faced (but the names of the individual colors are a little “mature” just so you know…I don’t understand ;)

I’ve also tried MANY liquid eyeliners and find this one by Physician’s Formula to be the best for the price. It’s easy to apply and stays put! I also love adding a little bronzer for a healthy glow and this one works great (and lasts an incredibly long time!).

Watch the video:

Or watch on YouTube here!

In the end…

We know some things may seem over the top and others pretty average. We hope you can take what you like, and may even be helpful, and leave the rest! :)

All our love!

Dawn & Diana

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