The BEST gift you can give (to almost anyone!)

I turned 31 last week. Inevitably people asked, “What would you like for your birthday???” Honestly: To not have to cook or clean for a month. Wouldn’t that be the best gift EVER??? And, while we probably can’t give that gift to our friends, family, and moms we meet at soccer practice, we could give them a little piece of it.

A few months ago a good friend of mine was celebrating her birthday. She is sweet and thoughtful and I wanted a REALLY good gift for her. So I asked the Lord for inspiration and almost instantly had the idea to make some meals for her. She is a busy student and I know every day is packed for her. So I put together four meals, and some snacks, and that was her gift.

I was a little unsure once I arrived with the gift. What if she doesn’t like the meals I chose? What if they don’t taste good at all? What if she thought “This is nice but a massage gift certificate would have been so much better, didn’t you pick up on my hints?” But, as soon as I presented the gift to her my fears were put aside as she assured me that it was one of the best, most thoughtful gifts that she had ever received. Best-Birthday-Gift

Why? Because for most of us, if there is something that we want, we just buy it. But, having someone do something for us, that we no longer have to do? That is putting hours back in our day and that is VALUABLE!

I don’t always give a bunch of meals. Most often it is just one. But it has ALWAYS been well received!
Here’s what I’ve found when gifting a meal:

1. It can be a meal that is ready to go in the oven, or a bag with ingredients that just need to be assembled.

2. It doesn’t have to be gourmet or fancy! Any meal is appreciated (and simpler is sometimes better if they have kids)

3. Gladware or other containers that don’t have to be returned are best. Let them know that you aren’t expecting the containers back, then they don’t have to worry if they have to return it with something in it like traditional etiquette often suggests.

Also, if you are looking for a recipe that is easy to prepare and send (because you are busy, too!), here is one of my favorites: Crockpot Cheese Tortelini & Sausage
Have you ever given a meal for a gift? Do you have a great recipe? Would YOU like this as a gift? Please share below!
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