When did we stop having fun?!? 8 easy ways to add fun back into your marriage

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about what Married Couples Won’t Tell You.  It looked a marriage from a stockbroker’s perspective.
Needless to say, marriage was rated as a poor investment. 
Oh, of course I disagree.  I love being married.  It is one my favorites. 
There are a lot of words to describe marriage.  Here are a few that start with the letter C…challenging, comfortable, complex, compromise, compassionate, caring. 
But my favorite word to describe marriage starts with the letter F…fun.   Derrick and I have had 10 years of married fun.

Of course marriage takes work, but what piece of advice do I give my clients? You need to have more FUN...like when you were dating! Here are some simple, but effective ideas! #marriage #tips #advice #fun #simple #husband #wifeHere is our top 8 married fun ideas.

1. Love Letter

One of my favorite things my kids do is leaving me letters or drawings underneath my pillow. But what really fills up my love tank is when Derrick writes me an I love you note. Don’t have time to write down your words of love then try sending flirty texts during the day to woo your beloved.

2. Try New Things

Think outside the dinner and a movie date.  Try the new restaurant in town, have a pie date, go for a picnic drive, go bowling…even little things like trying a different drink or ordering a different entrée off the menu can add a little variety to your date night.

3. Go All Out

Money is stressful but it is still fun to go all out once in a while.  I was in jeans and a button down thinking we were going to go on out normal burger date, when Derrick pulls into an upscale eatery and says, “Tonight I am going to wine you and dine you.” He told me were where not going to worry about money and just enjoy being together.  We had so much fun. It is perhaps one of my most favorite dates.

4. The Love Fairy

The love fairy is a distant cousin of the tooth fairy. She gives unexpected love presents to people just because.  It doesn’t even have to be a special holiday for her to leave flowers, candy….

5. Host your own marriage retreat

Twice a year Derrick and I host our own marriage retreat.  Sometime in late May and again in early September Derrick takes a week off from work and we spend a whole week dating each other. While the kids are at school, Derrick and I go out for breakfasts, walks, and tandem bike rides. We lazily plan dinner, read books and if we feel like it we bike over to the movie theater to catch the 11 am movie with all the old people. It is a lovely week of enjoying each other’s company.
For all you moms of preschoolers there is hope, it is called school age children and it is glorious.

6. Revisit your childhood

This one is really fun.  Go sledding, pick wildflowers, climb a tree, build a fort, have a jump rope contest, play foursquare, dodge ball, make cootie catchers, play twister, spin the bottle, have a squirt gun fight, play laser tag…what ever was your favorite activities to do as a child revisit them with your spouse.

7. Kiss Allot

A quick butt slap, handholding, pecks on the cheeks, a soft touch to the lower back…spontaneous touch is a playful way to say, “Hi, I enjoy you and your cute butt.”

8. Lock your bedroom door

At our house we have a “the children cannot get out of their beds until mom or dad tells them so” policy.  Unless the kids have to go to the bathroom they stay in their rooms until we tell them it is time to get up.  It is good for the kids to know that mom and dad relish spending alone time together. What you do with your extra hour in the am is for you two to decide.  (Hint: read Talking about the birds & the bees…with your husband :)
Now it’s your turn. Post some of your married fun suggestions.

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