How To Get More Done In An Hour Than You Usually Do All Day

The worst part about not getting everything done is the guilt. Feeling like I should have. Why didn’t I? How will I? Get. It. All. Done.
This is a GREAT time-management trick!

Productivity among office workers in the United States has dropped by 30% in the last decade. Why?

Text messages. E-mail alerts. Facebook notifications. Repeat.

So, the secret to getting more done in an hour than you usually do all day?

Turn it all off. Take an hour (preferably at the top of your day) and close out all distractions.  Put a sign on your door if you need.  Or notify the receptionist.  And most importantly, close out technology.

Put your phone on airplane mode.

Turn off e-mail notifications.

Log out of Facebook.

Close your Pinterest browser.

And, after the shaking hands and nervous laughter at the thought of being disconnected for such a long period of time subsides, dive into your work.

The result? You’ll feel amazing. You’ll be so proud of all you accomplished.  You’ll sit back and admire the quality of your work. You’ll remember why you love your job. You’ll want to do it again.

So do it! 

Take a break, check your messages, determine that the barrage of text messages and e-mails your received in the short time aren’t actually that urgent, shut it all off and dive in again. Breathe in the fresh, clean air of your uninterrupted productivity.

Exhale out the stale old habits of allowing instant messages to create stress and demand instant response.

And enjoy getting more done in an hour than you usually do all day!

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