Bundt Cake Gift Basket with Free Printable Recipe Card & Gift Tag!

Looking for a fun and unique Christmas gift? Want to give something that the recipient will rave about? A gift that will keep on giving??

This Bundt Cake Gift Basket will be a huge hit this holiday season! The recipe is a copy cat from Nothing Bundt Cakes Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake– and it’s PHENOMENAL!! Even if you don’t make this gift basket, you should print and bake this recipe!!

Every time I bring this cake anywhere I am asked for the secret and the recipe! And this will be a fun gift they can make it again and again!!!

Bundt Cake Gift Basket

The other best part? This basket comes together quickly and easily with one trip to Walmart! You can see the steps below!

What You’ll Need:

1) The base of this gift basket is, of course, a Bundt Pan. I found this fun one at Walmart for only $8.98. Here is another favorite of mine from Amazon for around $15.

2) Recipe Ingredients: You can put in as many or few ingredients as you like, but I decided to put in the chocolate components and frosting. I included the cake mix, pudding mix, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and frosting (cream cheese is the best for this cake!). And because it is for a gift, I splurged on the Godiva pudding mix, it was only about $0.50 more and looks so nice in the basket!!

3) Next is to print the free recipe card & gift tag! I created two different versions, so you can select which one you like the best. One says “Best Ever Triple Chocolate Bund Cake” and the other says “Nothing Bundt Cakes Copy Cat Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe.” If you have Nothing Bundt Cake stores in your area, you might want to select this one, it will give your gift basket clout ;)

You can print Recipe Card 1 HERE
You can print Nothing Bundt Cake Copycat Recipe Card HERE

4) The final step is to wrap up your gift basket! I love these gift basket bags from the Dollar Tree. Their filler and bows work great, too! Snuggle everything into the Bundt pan, put it in the bag, add a bow and you’re set!!

This makes a great Christmas gift idea for teachers, coaches, music instructors, church friends, neighbors, friends and family! Who wouldn’t love to make this awesome dessert?

We hope this Bundt Cake Gift Basket is a huge hit! Oh, and kids might love receiving it, too…cooking and bake off shows are ALL the rage right now!!!

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And if you have any questions, please leave a comment below. You can also find more Bundt Cake recipes, tips and frosting ideas here!

Merry Christmas,

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