Budget Bedroom Makeover: Before & Afters! (DIY Ideas under $200)

Let’s just say our bedroom NEEDED a makeover! It is VERY small (10′ x 11′) so there isn’t much that we can do with it, but we have had the same tired bedspread for 7 years, the new windows needed trim and I really wanted Tom to paint our silver-ish metal bed frame matte black.

Bedroom Makeover: BEFORE & AFTERS

Just so you can fully appreciate our bedroom makeover, here is what our bedroom looked like before:

And here is what it looked like after we installed the new trim and updated the bedding, that is what made the biggest difference:

I can’t believe we had a beach towel for a window covering for 9 months!

Colors, sources & sizes for everything in our bedroom:

I also should mention, we moved into our house 4 years ago and there were much BIGGER problems to take care (of besides making our bedroom cute ;) like roof, septic, overhead power lines, etc. So, I have to remind myself that’s why it looked like it did…we’ve come A LONG WAY!

Window Trim

The biggest difference was trimming out the windows. Tom had replaced them last fall and just never quite got around to trimming them. We’ve been using select pine boards from our local hardware store for trim. They are 1″ x 4″ boards.

After Tom put up the trim, I filled the holes and paint them with our favorite shade of white, Simply White by Benjamin Moore. I like that it is a warm white and seems to fit the age and style of our home.

Also, our wardrobe is from Ikea. As you often do in small houses, we removed the closet in the bedroom to add more space to the bathroom so no longer have a closet, but the wardrobe works just fine!

Wall Color

The wall color is called Earl Grey by Magnolia Homes. It is a warm, slightly darker shade of grey. We like that it makes the room feel cozy without being too dark.

We always select our paint colors from Hirschfeld’s and Sherwin Williams and then bring them to our local home improvement store to be mixed.

Bedding & Window Treatments

Comforter & Sham Set

Lightening up the bedding also made a HUGE difference. The new bedspread is from Target and is a Simple Stripe with Stitch Embroidery by the Hearth & Hands line.

I LOVE the linen texture of the bedspread. I think it will be very forgiving of wrinkles and stains. I’m not one to iron my linens, so I need items that are EASY to take care of!

I also grabbed two $6 pillows from Target to fill the shams. They fit snugly and made the shams look nice and full (who likes floppy shams! ;)


The sheet set was inexpensive and a little darker in color— that’s why I grabbed it! It is from Target and is the Room Essentials brand in geo chevron. Tom has a way of destroying our sheet sets…I don’t know how he gets them so dirty– he’s a clean person! So they get demoted to be used for moving and painting every year or two ;)


Luckily we only needed one window panel for curtains. We have these Spacedye Curtain Panels (Threshold Line at Target) in blue in our living room and I really like them (especially that they have grommets at the top so they’re easy to open and close). So I grabbed another one in grey for our bedroom.

The curtain rod is from Ikea along with the decorative ends (I’m not sure if the glass ends are still available, I can’t find them online!). I’ve always liked the look of these and like the black accent color that it adds to tie into the bedframe.

Bedframe & Mattress

We had the metal bed frame, but it was kind of shiny silver color. It was fine, but I didn’t love it. So I had Tom rough it up a little with scotch bright pads and then spray paint it matte black. It looks much better now! (Actually, no one probably notices but me ;)

You can find our metal bed frame on Amazon here.

Our mattress is new from Helix and was sent to us to review. We like that while it arrives rolled up in a box, it still has a pillow top and wrapped springs. So far we’re sleeping much better on it compared to our previous mattress. If you’d like to take advantage of $200 off your mattress and two free pillows, you can click here!

Picture Frame & Lamp

These are also from Ikea and we purchased them about a year and a half ago….are you sensing a trend? Ikea and Target for the win on this project ;)

Overall it was an extremely dramatic update for under $200 and I couldn’t be happier with it!

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Budget Bedroom Makeover Before and After