Follow-up Foster Care Q&A

I know we don’t “have” to answer these questions, but believe they are motivated out of genuine care and concern for our family and the foster kids who will potentially enter our home– we appreciate this and are happy to do so!

Questions from our latest video:

In our video today we talked about the need to get our house ready for the home study for our foster care license. We’ve recently been assigned a case worker who will be visiting our house this coming Thursday.

He isn’t able to come inside our home, but wants to meet us and talk through the licensing process.

Here are the questions that came up:
– Should we really consider foster care if Tom isn’t on board
– WHERE will foster children sleep?
– What ages will we consider?
– Do we have any plans to finish the boys’ room & get Gage out of a CRIB??? ;)

Here are our answers:

*If you can’t see the video right above here it may be because you have an ad blocker! :)

We genuinely appreciate your support and care for our family. We know this is not going to be “easy”, but also believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s what our family is called to.

THANK YOU and we love you!
Dawn & Tom

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