PRACTICAL & USEFUL Minimalist Christmas Gift Ideas

For many people gift-giving is a big part of Christmas, and we want to give you some minimalist gift ideas for all price ranges, starting at just a few dollars!

My twin sister Diana and I are complete opposites when it comes to gifts. She is a gift person and loves everything about Christmas — gift-giving and wrapping and shopping…. All of it. I could go every Christmas and birthday without gifts and be just fine. To Diana this is unthinkable!

So here are some of our favorite gift ideas that are practical, consumable and great for the simple-living person in your life — or even if they’re not…. Anybody!

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Consumables make great gifts for people we like to recognize, like teachers, mailmen, piano teachers, coaches & friends. I like to give gifts that I know people will use!

This is a no-brainer, I mean who doesn’t like coffee??! (okay, I know there are a few out there, but I don’t understand them ;)

Sweet & Spicy by Good Earth is amazing! Even if someone is not a big tea drinker, this one is warm and a bit tangy, a safe bet for anyone on your list. You can get it on Amazon, but it’s also available at most Walmarts, Targets & other grocery stores!

sweet & spicy tea, dunkin' donuts coffee

Mrs. Meyer’s cleaners
These cleaners and soaps are a very useful gift! They’re made with plant-derived ingredients and essential oils, and come in all kinds of amazing scents! The Peppermint scent is fun for this time of year. You can get them at Target or online at
mrs. meyers cleaner & soaps
If you want to be really practical, wrap your gift in a towel instead of a gift bag or wrapping paper!

gift wrapped in towel and bow

Greeting card gift box
For someone who enjoys acknowledging others, get some fun greeting cards and put the collection in a cute box. You can get them for fairly good quality at the dollar store these days, including faith-based cards. Add stamps or a nice pen to increase the value :)

greeting cards
greeting cards in box

Special DIY Gift for Your Kids or Grandkids

diy canvas photo of tom & dawn with child
Print photos with your kids or grandkids and make your own photo canvases.

Paint the edge of a canvas black and Mod Podge the photo over it — it’s that easy!

It looks fancy but you really don’t need a lot of time for this — Tom & I took selfies in the backyard with the kids, and I uploaded them through the Walmart app. Once we picked up the photos, it only took me about 20 minutes to do all four of them!!

Watch my tutorial below on how to make these.

Or watch this video on YouTube here!

Gift Baskets

bundt cake gift basket
Gift baskets with a bundt cake pan and the ingredients for a recipe make a fantastic gift!!

This No Fail Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake is a copy cat from Nothing Bundt Cakes Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake – and it’s PHENOMENAL!! (Even if you don’t make this gift basket, you should print and bake this recipe for yourself!!)

Every time I bring this cake anywhere I am asked for the secret and the recipe. And this will be a fun gift they can make again and again!
Get the details and the Free Printable Recipe Card & Gift Tag for the bundt cake here!

Then get the cellophane gift bag from the dollar store and you’ve got an amazing practical & delicious gift.

I love these ideas for Christmas gift baskets--especially the Cupcake and Stuffed Burger themed ones! #christmas #gift #basket #ideas #DIY

A cupcake gift basket with this Hello, Cupcake! decorating book is also a great idea that you could do together with your kids or grandkids. You could have your own cupcake wars or bake-off during Christmas break and have a lot of fun together. :)

Check out 4 other creative gift basket ideas!

Hair & Personal Care Products

If you’ve ever gotten a really good hair product from a salon, you know what a difference it makes — but they can be a bit costly and it can be hard to spend that kind of money on ourselves.

So if you’ve found a product that you really like, consider giving it as a gift!
Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair Flexible Texturising Hairspray

This hairspray smells amazing, I got this one for Diana and she loves it!
kevin murphy bedroom hair hairspray

ACURE Brightening Facial Scrub
Diana loves this one too! It’s great to use in the winter when our skin gets a little drier.
acure brightening facial scrub

ACURE Brightening Cleansing Gel
acure brightening cleansing gel

Pillow Covers

black & white pillow covers
How have I never thought of this as a gift before!? Pillows get so old and grungy, but if you add pillow covers, the old pillows make great inserts!

A lot of people like to change up the covers seasonally without getting new pillows.

Get these really awesome prints with tassels on Amazon.


Cook Once, Eat All Week Cookbook
We love this cookbook with 26 weeks of gluten-free recipes. It helps you get a delicious, healthy, and affordable dinner on the table QUICKLY! We still make our favorite recipes from here regularly.

cook once eat all week cookbook

The Promises of God Storybook Bible
This is an awesome storybook Bible that we love to read with our kids.promises of God storybook Bible

One Line A Day Journal
This journal is a really cool gift for someone who enjoys writing! It’s an easy way to record small moments in life every day of the year, for five years.

Super fun!

one line a day journal

If you want to get something fun for yourself…

halo hair extensionsDiana and I have used these halo hair extensions, and they are awesome! They’re subtle enough that people don’t quite know what’s different, but offer many compliments ;)

Once you get used to putting it on, it takes no time at all!

Remember what’s important

Some people would say that the minimalist thing to do would be to not give gifts at all (and certainly not throw pillows!). But gift-giving originated as a way to honor or appreciate someone. It’s only been recently that it has become commercialized and turned into an event to see how many presents we can fit under the tree.

Opt out of gift exchanges that aren’t important to you so you have more space, time and resources to invest in the people that you do really care about. :)

Will you share some of your favorite gift ideas, especially things that are consumable, a bit practical and fun to receive? Those ideas are so helpful!!
Blessings as you prepare for this Christmas season!

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