How I keep Christmas Organized (with Free Printable!)

Updated: November 7, 2023

The Holidays can get overwhelming QUICKLY! When that happens I like to do a brain dump into my handy dandy Christmas Notebook!

Most times of the year I can get by with digital planning, but when it comes to Christmas, there are too many balls in the air! So having a notebook where I can keep track of it ALL has been a game changer!


I like to put a calendar of the whole Christmas season on the inside of my notebook. This is really helpful when we’re invited to events to see what we already have going on around it.

You can find the PRINTABLE OF IT HERE!

How I make my Christmas Planning Notebook:

1) I get a cheap dollar store notebook: I like the smaller size because it fits into my purse well!

2) I add the calendar to the inside of the cover or first page of the notebook.

3) I add an envelope to the back cover where I keep ALL of my Christmas receipts for returns.

4) I start making lists (and checking them twice!! Here are things that I make lists for:
– Grocery lists (one for each week of the holiday season)
– Gift lists (with budget)
– Christmas baking
– To-do lists
– Meaningful things that we want to do this year
…and so on!

I explain more about it in this video below:

Or watch this on YouTube here

Happy planning!

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