Simple changes for relational success: “Making it about me (at least once and awhile!)”

Sometimes our down time isn't actually restful or restorative. What is the most effective way to re-charge?Sorry to point out the women readers with this topic, but really women need to learn this truth. “You” are a very important part of any relationship, and without your “you” working very well, the “we” will never work…it always takes at least two healthy “I’s” to make a healthy “we.”
I say “authentic” self-care because too often in our 21st century life style we can settle for less than authentic self-care: too much Facebook (or screen time), too many carbs, too many “shoulds” in our minds, and the list goes on and on.
We tend to forget the lesson of other cultures: rest and play. Every afternoon many cultures shut down for a nap, or some type of mid-afternoon rest. In our society many of us can’t do that. But we can try to not have as much unproductive screen time and invest that into hobbies that bring life. What are those hobbies?
Reading, gardening, praying, meditating, srap-booking, excersise, learning something new, playing a board game with your kids or spouse, volunteering, etc.
What about you? What is the best way that you can devote time to authentic self-care? Please don’t put it off, it is critically important for your relationships to succeed!
God bless your relationships in this New Year! Peace.
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