How to DECIDE ONCE when Decluttering! (with printable guide!)

We usually start with really good intentions when we go to declutter. And then two decisions in we start to question ourselves:

“But what if I need this someday?”
“What if I regret getting rid of it?”
“What if someone else in the house will miss it?”
“What if I have to pay money to replace it?”

The questions start to swirl and we lose our confidence.

Today let’s talk about how we can put indecision in the past and DECIDE ONCE and for all about each item in our home. Here’s how…

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Tip #1: Set the Rules

When we’re making decisions by feelings and emotions we lose focus and have a hard time. However, if we switch to a more objective approach, we can remove the guess work.

Here are some objective “rules” that we can put around decluttering:

  1. Have I used it in the past year?
  2. Did I forget that I had it? If so, USE IT -or- LOSE IT!
  3. Could it be replaced for $___ or less? (you set the dollar amount!)
  4. Do I want to continue to manage & inventory this item?


The rules are “objective” or based on facts. Like the fact that you haven’t used the item for at least a year. Commit to using the rules over your feelings and you’ll fly through decluttering!

Tip #2: Have the right supplies

There are a few things that it is helpful to have on hand anytime you go to declutter:

  1. A black trash bag
  2. A donation box
  3. The rules (these can be written on post-it notes or using the printable!)

Why these items are so important to have with you: we need to make it EASY to part with things! If we decide to donate or toss an item, we don’t want to have to handle it again (this could cause us to second guess ourselves!)

Rather, we want to put it STRAIGHT into the box or bag and be DONE with it!

Tip #3: Use short bursts of time

I know we glamorize big blocks of time to get a bunch of decluttering done, but most often this doesn’t work well.

We get decision fatigue. We get tired. We get emotional.

It happens to all of us! Instead, CHAMPION 5-15 MINUTE BURSTS OF TIME!

We can do anything for 5 minutes! We can follow the decluttering rules for 5 minutes. We can go through sentimental items for 5 minutes. We can be level headed for 5 minutes– especially if we have our supplies with us and we’re set up for success!

You can do it!

We believe in you and are here cheering you on!

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